What is Leilat al-Meiraj?

The day of Leilat al-Meiraj is also known as Isra and Mi’raj or Al Isra’ wal Miraj understood as the Prophet’s Ascension. This day is observed on the 27th day of the 7th month of the Islamic calendar, known as the Rajab. On this day, Allah took Muhammed on a journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to Heaven and then returned back.

How is this day observed?

This day is observed in different manners. Some islamic communities listen or study the story of Isra and Mi’raj in a mosque or at home as well.

In some islamic communities, lights and lanterns are given significance by decorating their homes with candles and electric lights. Sweets are shared and distributed in communities and communal meals can also happen.

Background of Isra Mi’raj

In the years 570 CE to 632 CE (according to Gregorian calendar), the Prophet Muhammed lived in area which now comes under Saudi Arabia. Around 620 CE, Allah took him on a journey in teo parts. The first part, known as Isra was from Mecca to what is known as Dome of the Rock/Masjid Qubbat As-Sakhrah on the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif, located in Jerusalem.

In the second part of the journey that Prophet Muhammed did was to Heaven and then Hell. This part of the journey is known as Mi’raj.

On the journey, Prohet Muhammed talked with many other phophets and received instructions on Islamic prayer. He returned back to Mecca before the end of the night.

This journey is known as the Isra and Mi’raj. Some consider this as a spiritual journey while some feel that this was a physical journey as well.

Dates of observing Leilat al-Meiraj

The Leilat al-Meiraj is observed on the 27th day of Rajab. The date for 2016 was 5th May, 2016.

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Previous dates:

2010 : 9th June

2011 : 29th June

2012 : 17th June

2013 : 6th June

2014 : 26th May

2015 : 16th May

2016: 5th May

2017 : To be announced

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