Welcome to Kasakaru

Welcome to KasaKaru website! KasaKaru is a Marathi word which means How to. The site was born on the inner desire to create something new, something original and something that strikes our mind almost every now and then. After putting hands on a lot of other websites and after a few attempts, this inner desire finally got a shape. We felt many times and observed it as well. How to do this? How does he get it done? How to get that fast speed? How did she make such a delicious curry? How to drive my bike efficiently? How to rip the DVD? How to write a plugin in WordPress? How to study for my upcoming exams? How to fill the passport form? . . .

The How to do questions are literally endless and you are probably even answering to some of such questions daily. Whats more, you must be dreaming about how to do things in your everyday life!
So, we thought about penning it down and a website would be a very good place to mention our thoughts, work and articles and to spread the information in everyone’s hands.


So, here we are! KasaKaru is present in front of you as a website, thanks to the guidance of our Server Admin Sultan Mustafijul Hoque from Assam, India.

We have a good collection of Recipes from Amruta and I write about health related articles and articles about topics that I like.

Feel free to send us your comments and thoughts on our articles and products. Send me an email at webmaster@kasakaru.com for any kind of queries and information about KasaKaru.

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