Top 5 benefits of drinking Green tea

Tea has been a drink savored by everyone ever since it was known to us. Over the centuries, tea has been known more than its invigorating benefits and quite recently, Green tea is known more for its benefits of metabolism and more so as is popularly known, for fat burning.
So how does Green tea help in reducing weight? What are the benefits of Green tea?
Green tea is not recent and is not something that is known for now. Green tea has been consumed in different civilizations and has been known to many cultures around the world. The main areas where Green tea works is weight management, helps to boost energy, and also reduce stress.
While we know in general as to how Green tea works in general, let us go into more detail about how it works for each of the mentioned goals.
  • Weight loss with Green tea

Research has shown that Green tea increases the fat oxidation and thus burning of fat to produce energy and to produce calories. When made properly, and for a considerable amount of time, the polyphenols in the green tea are able to help reduce body fat percentage, especially around the abdomen and the buttocks.
  • Manage Diabetes with Green tea

Calorie burning property with the polyphenols in the tea is the key to managing sugar levels and preventing excessive insulin spikes in the blood.
  • Good teeth with green tea

Green tea has the ability to improve the immune system and also kill the local bacteria in the mouth. This effect is gained from the catechins in the tea. Green tea can also help inhibit viral infections, reduce plaque formations in teeth and also lower down the risk of caries. It can also help reduce bad breath.
  • Alzheimer
    and Parkinson

There have been multiple studies on green tea effects on the brain. They show that the catechins compounds in the Green tea have been shown to help rejuvenate the neurons and maintain the neurotransmitters which prevent onset of these neurological disorders or at least help slow down the process.
Continued consumption of Green tea has shown improvement in brain processing abilities and regulation of blood pressure and reducing depressive state of mind.
  • Cancer care with Green tea

Given the way green tea is prepared, preserved and brewed, green tea can be very rich in antioxidants or can be completely devoid of them leaving only the colour. It depends on how the leaves are brewed or how long the tea is brewed. But because of the antioxidants, green tea is able to help the cancer cells reduce on their function and also help the good cells increase on their number.
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