Top 10 brands of Green tea in India

With green tea becoming more and more popular, there have come up many manufacturers of green tea. Each of the manufacturer has put up their own blend, taste and colour of green tea. The effect of the re-introduction of green tea to the world is that it is being used more and more and more so as the main cups of tea being drunk through the day.

India, being one of the main producers of tea, has many brands of tea and this list (adopted from stylecraze website), gives the 10 best brands of Green tea in India.

  1. Organic India – Organic India are known to provide green tea in as ethical and original tea as possible. They provide green tea in loose leaves and also provide in tea sachet bags with infusion from tulsi or basil. Because Green tea does not have any strong taste of its own, they have also been infusing flavours which vary from Lemon-ginger, earl grey, jasmine and pomegranate.
    The good things are the tea given by Organic India is organic, is available everywhere through India and has a good taste and smell. But because they are infused with Tulsi, not everyone would like its taste.
  2. 24 Mantra – 24 Mantra is a recent make of Organic produce of green tea. Again like Organic India, these are not expensive and are also widely available. The difference with 24 Mantra is that they keep the leaves very fine and small. Due to this, the tea will leave a residue in your cup, even after filtering it.
  3. Basilur – Basilur green tea is imported from Sri lanka. The tea comes in different blends and packed in tin or cardboard boxes. While it tastes good, it is expensive. 2016 prices for Basilur green tea is in between INR 900 to 1000.
  4. Typhoo – The re-introduction of Green tea happened a century ago and Typhoo was one of the brands from the time and present even till now. Typhoo is a British brand of Green tea and was introduced in India in recent times. Being a century old brand, it is widely available and comes infused with different flavours. It is easily available and in the price range of 150 to 200 INR.
  5. Golden tips – Golden tips Green tea is a produce from Darjeeling. The specificity of Golden tips green tea is its loose leafed variants and comes in brocade attractive packing . The company gives unique flavours as well. This produce comes in the expensive category and may be a good choice to gift someone.
  6. Twinings – Twinings has been around for 300 plus years. They have flavoured green tea and original classical green tea and in tea bags and in loose sale as well.
  7. Happy valley – Happy valley green tea is grown in Darjeeling. Being organic in its produce without any pesticides and by using bio-dynamic practices, the Happy Valley Green tea comes in the expensive category. 2016 prices for Happy valley green tea is around 550 INR range.
  8. Lipton – Lipton green tea is also well known in India and is available everywhere through the country. Easily available, comes in the FMCG inexpensive category and has no additives to it. Just plain green tea leaves. Now because it has no additives, the tea bag/loose green tea should not be steeped for too long. 3 to 5 minutes is more than enough. A packet of Lipton green tea is priced at INR 60. And it is not organic.
  9. Tetley – Tetley was one of the first brands which launched green tea in India. Tetley green tea comes in both with and without flavours. The down side of it is that it can have the bitter taste and has a few variants.
  10. LaPlant – LaPlant is a Mumbai based startup and offer exotic blends of Green tea. As of 2016, they are available online and in multiple variants. While all the variants are yet to become available at a regular frequency, they are quite good at their products and also inexpensive.
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