The Tubercular Miasm personality human beings and Cancer of Cervix relativity

As the miasm progresses, so does the Cancer of Cervix progress from the Stage 0 to the higher stages of pathological disturbance and metastases. We have seen how the vital reactions from the woman and her “self” protect her from the sufferings of the Cancer of Cervix, but slowly as the mind levels gradually loss over themselves, the changes on the bodily levels are obvious which can initiate as an itch, papules, vestibules to eczematous eruptions, non healing wound, slowly developing Hematoma to Chronic irritation of the local tissues and cells and when these disruptions are persistent and non healing with depleted energy sources and immunity; the vital principle which then allows undesirable changes which again when persistent for a long period of time, the end result landing into irreversible permanent changes, in this Cancer of Cervix Pathological and Neoplastic situation. She now being under the affections of the Psora, The Sycosis miasms as well, trudges through the multi – miasmatic disease states, her energy level getting depleted to the lowest levels possible. The pathological sufferings advance to deeper levels from which she is unable cope up with the gradually but steadily advancing Cancer of Cervix.

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Confusion, unsure feeling, insecurity, haphazard, erratic and aggressiveness is the mental picture of the Tubercular miasm personality and the person on the physical self tends to become destructive, overwrought and violent.

With low resistance power, the micro-organisms find an open source for carrying out advanced level pathological infections and women suffering from Cancer of Cervix advance to Metastases and local damage stages.

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