The Sycotic Miasm personality human beings and Cancer of Cervix relativity

The most difficult task for one self is to have a control on her desires and emotions, especially one has to undergo hard efforts to achieve and still face failure. The first expression to such turmoil as witnessed in the Psora miasm does not get justice, she develops an obsession towards her desires. This frictional interaction in between the abilities of the woman and her obsession creating a hypersensitive and hyperactive state with anxiety, restlessness and fear in continuation saps out her energy resulting into the weakened state of body, mind and soul, ultimately the weakened state of her life force, the vital principle, the immunity and her energy.

With all such chagrin and mortification, but still with the intense desire and will towards a particular goal, the Sycotic lady tries to hide her disappointment and depressions and thus develops a hideous face of her character and thus appears quiet and calm externally even though she is disturbed so much as may resemble internal choking. Suffering from Egotism, she always remains confused, irritable, anxious, diffident and timorous with development of inferiority complex. She gets tired and exhausted very soon in any physical activity she may desire to do. Delayed and painful menses are always present in Sycotic Women along with slow Physiological function like slow digestion, slow assimilation, and slow metabolism.

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Because of this slow functionality, thus the body receives lesser energy supply; impaired absorption ability of the Gastro Intestinal Tract thus causes the depletion of the nutrient reserve in the body and soon enough the immunity and the vital force fails to protect from even the simplest of disease causing micro organisms and under favorable conditions, Cancer of Cervix is not a exception in susceptible women.

2.2.1. The initiative of Cancer of Cervix in Sycotic Miasm

A permanent and irreversible change in the body does not happen all of a sudden and thus occurs only when the body is subjected to multiple sources of harm to the local tissue, depletion of basic necessities, suppression and palliation of varied diseases, harm on the mental plane, which over a long time cause a change in the status of the mind, the characteristic personality status of the woman, the intensity of susceptibility, chronic inflammations, old injuries and when no reversal is observed, then permanent changes gradually start appearing and under the Sycotic miasm are observed as follows: –

  1. Chronic inflammations which lead to autoimmune type reactions
  2. Cancers, Neoplasms or overgrowth of benign or malignant tumors
  • Indurations and Exudations.
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