The Psoric Miasm personality human beings and Cancer of Cervix relativity

With rhythmic functioning and normal sensations of the body when in a balanced state, man experiences a sense of wellbeing, to be in good health. In such a state, the harmony and rhythm of life are well maintained and the well being of the life force keeps the man healthy; i.e. away or immune from the diseases and the infections.

But good health; normal functioning and wellbeing cannot always remain and when the inimical force increases beyond the tolerance limits of the particular human being, diseased state of that human being begins. Here, the person becomes more sensitive and thus her senses become more active to the external disease causing force according to the susceptibility and hyperactivity are the responses of the Psora Miasm.

Such “Hyper-” expressions are the basic expressions are the basic expressions of every person and differ from person to person in terms of intensity of expression.

The characteristic qualities of Psora are “Sudden”, “Violent”, “Short”, Reversible”, “Self Limiting” and “Non Destructive”.

The expressions on the mind and the spirit carry the utmost important features as they form the innermost aura of any person and the initiative seat of any disease. Thus, any disease will not advance to the higher levels without the progressive and destructive changes at the mind level. Every person has her own desires and cravings. Not all of such cravings and desires get fulfilled and many a times on priority basis. If such desires are such that they are ardent, want of and compulsive, then the unfulfillment of these flares up grief, disappointment raising the desire to run for her desires even more ahead when her intellect repeats the desires to overexert her.

When on such disappointment and grief is not exerted to higher levels, she may get back to normal but when the desires get too high and remain incomplete, do so the disturbances of the mind. The person in self pines for her desires constantly thinks on ways she can work and strives harder for her wants and thus may overwork out herself and spend more of her depleting energy, many a times more than what all energy resources and stores she has. Here if she does attain her goals and desires, she may return back to normalcy or may then have more higher instincts but if she still remains on the negative, then her ove

rstraining with lead her to a further negative state of dissatisfaction causing irritation, anger and feelings of possessiveness slowly seeping into her.

On the physical level, the person with such excitement in the psoric miasm is expressed by anticipatory anxiety, fear of loss, sudden palpitation, grudging and sudden anger.

But by large, the psoric miasm is a short lived expression and accordingly, the psoric personality regains her control and harmony towards normal being in short span of time. They do not have much lingering grudges and brooding. They do not have much residual feelings of vengeance.

When relating the probabilities of Cancer of Cervix to the Psoric Miasm personality human beings, the incidence of Cancer of Cervix with such population remains the least as most of the Psychological, Pathological and Physiological changes in Psora miasm affections are reversible and of short span. The Vital Force and immunity are strong enough to fight against bacteria, viruses and other causative factors towards Cancer of Cervix.

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