Summer Care tips for a cool experience

This article describes about how you can take proper care of self in days of summer. Read to know about care for each part in detail.

In India, April and May have hotter climate, its Summer Season, and it very difficult for working women as well as house women to protect their eyes, skin, hair, cloths and diet. So we are going to discuss about how to protect yourself from sun.


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To protect your eyes from sun you can use natural solutions:-

  1. Put nice cucumber slice on your eyes for half an hour, cucumber have natural coldness and it make your eyes cool and hydrated.
  2. Even Potato slice also have same potencies. It also give you same result, and its help you to reduce your eyes’ dark circles as well.
  3. Dip cotton in cold water and squash it a little, then add 2 drops of rose water and keep on your eyes for half hour. It will give you freshness.
  4. Your eyes get stressed through out the day due to heat. So splash cold water on your eyes at least four times in a day.
  5. Performing eye exercises also help to get rid of tiredness.
  6. People use to swim lot in Summer , but chlorine can be harmful for your eyes so don’t forget to use swimming goggles.

To keep your eyes hydrated and to give them natural coldness is important in summer season. Other solution is wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from heavy UV rays in sun. It is also necessary to use good quality sunglasses that offer 100% solution from UVA and UVB rays. You can wear a nice hat also to protect your face and eyes.


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To protect your skin from sun:-

  1. Take bath two times in day and don’t apply too much of makeup on your face because it always damages the skin in sun and give you a bad look.
  2. Go for herbal or Sandalwood or fruit facial to give your skin natural coolness, even use toner as it also helps to keep the skin cool.
  3. Drink at least eight glass of water per day.<
  4. Before going out, its a must to apply Sunscreen lotion in most expose skin, SPF 30 is best.
  5. Use long lasting Deodorant to keep yourself fresh and use face wash instead of soap.
  6. Swimming is best exercise in this season.

Your skin also need natural hydration , so drink seasonal fruit juices to keep yourself more hydrated. Use Lip balm for your lips to remove dryness.



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To protect your hair from sun:-

  1. Wash your hair three times a week.
  2. With shampoo you must give conditioner to your hair.
  3. In this season herbal mehendi is also a good conditioner.
  4. Waxing is must in this season.
  5. This particular season give you itching hair problem, so after washing your hair keep them open to dry hair properly.
  6. Don’t tie up your hair too much, and don’t do too much hair style in this season.
  7. Do not add extra heat means avoid dryer and ironing hair.
  8. Trim your hair to get rid of damage hair and proper growth, short hair is also best option to adopt during the summer.
  9. Give nice oil massage to your hair and then wash with luke
    warm water.
  10. Apply Aloe Vera gel and massage with it, Aloe Vera also have potencies to give your hair natural herbal coolness.

In this season hair need air to look fresh without any bad smell. Keep your hair open as much as possible and also try to cover your hair.


Summer Cloths

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  1. Use pastel shades in your cloths more like white, light pink, light blue etc; don’t use black color as it gives you sweat.
  2. Don’t use tight cloths or heavy accessory cloths as that also gives you lot of sweating.
  3. Don’t wear a lot of accessories, keep your self simple.
  4. Use minimal and thin cloths, avoid tight jeans, jackets or jeans type material.
  5. Wear big Hat, big sunglasses, flat slippers or Flip Flops. Wearing Flip Flops is good for your feet to get more air, avoid shoes or boots.
  6. Wear cloths with strong and long lasting perfume to keep fresh yourself through out a day.
  7. Go for Cotton and soft material only.

Summer Season is good for mix-match fashion. Present yourself with minimal fashion. Always remember mix-match your fashion with pastel shades with short or thin cloths, big sunglasses, big hat and nice flip flops.



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To keep yourself healthy in this summer season you need to eat food which have lots of proteins and minerals. To balance your diet its important in this season, eats plenty of food which have more water content, add seasonal fruits in your diet which have natural contents like watermelon, grapes, lime, orange, mango etc. These fruits keep yourself healthy and hydrated.

12 Tips for summer diets

  1. Hydrate yourself by drinking 8 to 9 glass of water.
  2. Consume more fruits and fruit juices.
  3. Don’t skip meals.
  4. Eat fresh fruits.
  5. Eat salads which have water contents like cucumber and tomato.
  6. Add fresh yogurt and buttermilk in your diet.
  7. Add green and cool veggies like mint, spinach, radish, cucumber.
  8. Avoid sodas. They are worst beverages to cool yourself. Go for natural sources.
  9. Avoid dry fruits in this season because dry fruits increase body heat. So refrain from dry fruits.
  10. Stay away from sugars. Use natural source of sugar.
  11. Don’t eat fried food like bhajiya, chips, samosa in this season. It makes you more thirsty.
  12. Go for exercise like swimming and gardening to keep your mind and body cool and fresh.
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