Signs and Symptoms and stages of pathological increment of cancer of cervix

The symptoms of the Cancer of Cervix are often going unnoticed as they have the ability to impersonate the symptomatology of other ailments and diseases. Many a times the symptoms of Cancer of Cervix go away without any warning signs as a part of Post Menopausal Syndrome or as a part of the pains during ovulation. Still many a times, Cervical Cancer pains show no symptoms at all.

The symptoms of Cancer of Cervix when do show, they appear when the Cancer has advanced to its later stages. These shows up of the symptoms vary from woman to woman regarding the intensity of presentation.

  1. Abnormal bleeding

Abnormal vaginal bleeding is the foremost sign of Cancer of Cervix. This bleeding can be light or very heavy and is irregular and does not follow the pattern of normal menstrual periods and menstrual flow.

2. Unusually heavy discharge

The woman experiences a heavy discharge from the Vagina. Normally there is a discharge from the vagina of a woman which keeps the Vagina wet and also the wetness can increase slightly when there is discharge of Leucorrhea. But apart from the above mentioned causes, when the discharge is very heavy, foul smelling, watery and thick with mucus (though not present all the time), can be indicative of Cancer of Cervix.

  1. Pain in Pelvis

A woman during normal menstruation cycle will experience slight pain in the pelvis because of the stretching of the Cervix to allow the menstrual flow. Other types of Pelvic pain can occur in anemic women where the muscles in spite of having less energy supply and nutrition from the blood try to stretch which causes pain in the Pelvis.

But when the pain is excruciating and abnormal, it is very different than that which is present in women otherwise and is indicative of Cancer of Cervix as the causative reason for Cancer of Cervix. The pain is often a dull ache which can change over to sharp pains which can last for many hours together.

  1. Pain during Urination

Pain during urination is a rare symptom which arises only in advanced cancers. Of the cancers when the Cancer of Cervix spreads to the Urinary bladder which in near vicinity to the Uterus.

  1. Bleeding between regular menstrual periods, after sexual intercourse, douching or pelvic exam

A healthy Cervix does have small amount of bleeding during examinations, intercourse. Irritation caused to the cervix in a woman with Cancer of Cervix can cause excessive bleeding during regular menstrual periods, sexual intercourse, douching or pelvic examinations. An exception to this is

While considering the above symptoms and signs to be because of Cancer of Cervix, one must always remember that these signs and symptoms are also a part of presentations of other illnesses and ailments. Thus these symptoms and signs cannot decide that the underlying disease is only Cancer of Cervix and thus to rule out other causes of the symptoms, one must carry out the other investigations necessary to find out the exact cause of the disease.

  1. Investigations requisite for the confirmed diagnosis of Cancer of Cervix.

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