This post gives information about the importance of Sea day in Japan. Get to know the dates and the processions carried on this day.

Marine day is observed on the third Monday of July, each year. Marine day is also known as Ocean Day or Sea Day and is a Japanese National Holiday. Japan is a island nation and thrives on the natural resources provided by the Ocean.

Japanese Sea Day Courtesy: Wikipedia
Japanese Sea Day Courtesy: Wikipedia

Local language words for Marine Day

Marine day is known as Umi no Hi and is written in Japanese language as 海の日. This day is known as Tag des Meeres in German language.

History of Marine Day in Japan

This day is remembered for the 1876 Voyage by the Meiji Emperor in a Iron steamship constructed in Scotland in the year 1874. Emperor Meiji did a trip around Tohoku region, embarked on a lighthouse boat in Aomori, heading towards Hakodate and then returned to Yokohama.

In 1941, Communications minister Shozo Murata mentioned this day as Marine Memorial day in memory of the emperor. This was till 1996. From 20th July 1996, it was observed on this date every year until 2003.

In 2003m under the Happy Monday system, the Marine Memorial day was changed to Ocean day and the legislation moved the date to the third Monday of every July.

Processions on Ocean day in Japan

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People in Japan take advantage of the holiday and go on a summer trip to the beaches in Japan. Worshipping of the sea and communal celebrations happen on this day in Japan.

Dates for Marine Day in Japan

Marine day will be observed on the following dates in Japan:

2016 : July 18th

2017 : July 17th

2018: July 16th

2019 : July 15th

2020 : July 20th

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