Significance of Constitution Day in South Korea

Are you looking for information Cnstitution day in South Korea? Want to know all the activities that are done on this day? Check this post to know more details about Constitution Day of South Korea.

The Constitution day of South Korea is on the 17th July every year and has been observed since 1948. This date matches to the foundation date of the Joseon Dynasty.

History of the Constitution day of South Korea

The Constitution day dates back to the mid- 20th century when the Korean Peninsula got freedom from the Japanese rule at the end of World war II. This dates to 15th August 1945. But then it was entangled in the middle of Cold war in between United States and the Soviet Union. It was only in 1948, that the first democratic elections took place in South Korea. The National Assembly which was elected, then decided that the constitution will be a presidential and unicameral type of system. This constitution was formally accepted by the South Korean President Syngman Rhee, which happened on 17th July, 1948.


Further, on 1st October of 1949, with establishment of National Holiday Law, the constitution day was declared as South Korean National Holiday.

Things to do on Constituion day of South Korea

Every year, a ceremony is held with the President of South Korea, Chairman of National Assembly, Chief Justice of the Supreme court and the original assembly members in attendance.

On this day citizens of South Korea hang the national flag in their homes and also take part in communal parties, public sports like marathons and rallies.

Until 2008, this day was observed as “no work” day. Restructuring of the laws for the public sector works ask for a 40 hours work week and which has changed the holidays pattern. People may be working on this day which is still considered as a National holiday for commemoration.

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