How to write Paragraphs in HTML?

How to write Paragraphs in HTML?In the previous chapter, we learnt about how to make headings in HTML. We also learnt about how the different headings look like and how they look. Now, moving on to the next part of HTML, we will learn about the Paragraph tag.Paragraph tag in HTML is used to denote [...]

How to write Headings in HTML?

How to make HTML HeadingsHello once again. In this tutorial we will learn how to make Headings in HTML.So what are headings in anyway?Headings are that part of our text which separates a section of text and shows on what the following text is going to be about. Thus it forms a important part of [...]

Introduction to HTML

Learn HTML with Us Hello and welcome to the first post in understand HTML. HTML is a basic and a "used everywhere" web scripting language. You cannot create websites, if you do not know HTML. Saying this, I will explain in short about what is a web scripting language. Basically, websites and web pages cannot [...]

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