Miasmatic view and Hahnemannian approach for patients suffering from Cancer of Cervix

  1. Miasmatic view and Hahnemannian approach for patients suffering from Cancer of Cervix

The human life is a constant rhythmic functioning and normal sensations of the vital force and the interactions with the inimical force. Both of these make up the constitution and the susceptibility of one self – to be coined in a single term – The Miasm.

The human being is a complex creation beyond the body, organs and the cells. The functioning and the mind with the spirit altogether make up the Man in a coordinated and integrated system which although independent in their form, function and structure, together they form the live man and without which the body and tissues are nothing but a dead structure.

The depth of Homoeopathy and Cervical Cancer – a Cui Bono has a philosophical requisite of the miasms – the theoretical approach towards the practical applications and implications of the treatment of Cervical Cancer. A point of debate arises here to understand whether the philosophy and knowledge of miasms can really help in the practical part of treat

ment and is as such a valid query. But the fact of being completely verse with the knowledge from various aspects also stands true towards case taking, analysis, interpretation of the underlying miasm and thus the treatment for either the cure of the Cancer or if not possible in terms of cure of Cancer, palliation and suppressions of the signs and symptoms of the Cancer of the Cervix.

Cure of Cancer of Cervix has a two way meaning, one in sense of complete removal of the Anatomical and Physiological presentation of Cancer of Cervix and in another way can mean the reversal of the stages of the Cancer of Cervix.

Understanding the Homoeopathic approach towards Cancers and thus in our subject, the Cancer of Cervix, we will discuss the Miasms which are an integral part towards every change in ourselves, to the minutest detail.

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