Liberation day of Liberia

This article describes about the Liberian day of Independence which is observed on the 26th of July, every year, since 1847. Read this article to know more about Liberia and the significance of this day.

Coat of arms of Liberia

Liberia was a colony founded and settled by the United States of America in the Africas. With the independence, Liberia became the first independent state in the African continent.

The American Colonization society was formed when US laws changed and the African-American slaves were to be brought back to Africa. Thus in the year 1820, the first group of former slaves arrived at the British colony of Sierra Leone following which the colony of Liberia was founded in the south of Sierra Leone.

The establishment of Liberia was supported by the US through the 19th and 20th century. But with civil war in Liberia in the years 1989 through 1997, had a economical and financial fallback in Liberia. Charles Taylor was elected as Liberian president. About 3 million people live in Liberia today.

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