Information about Colombia Independence Day

This article describes about the Independence day of Columbia. Read further to know about the history of the independence struggle and how this day is observed every year.

20th July, 1810 was the day when the Junta de Santa Fe was established as a result of creation of the Republic of Gran Colombia.

Historical and Political background

Back in the 19th century, Spain was rule by a monarch who was a promoter of culture and

Christianity. The monarch also allowed expression of ideas of the Age of Enlightenment and this was witnessed in Spain itself and its colonies. But there were a few restrictions in the colonies and especially in the Americas.

For certain reasons, the Americas were not allowed to trade with any other countries or colonies. They were allowed to trade only with Spain to get goods and supplies and to sell their produce. But because of geographical and other concerns, Spain was unable to provide all the requirements and yet would not allow trade with other countries like the Great Britain and British North America.

Various incidences took place with unrest of faith in King Joseph, the Napoleon and re-establishment of King Ferdinand VII. There was establishment of the Supreme Central Junta, the dissolution of it in the next few years. The Memorandum of Offences played an important part but which after the dissolution gave rise to independent Juntas, the Famous Flower Vase incident and ultimately leading to cutting off of ties with the Seville Regency Council and declaration of the independent state of Colombia.

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