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The Alabama A&M University is a small community based university which focuses on dynamic progress of its students through teaching, research and public service. The university is located on area popularly known as “The Hill”.

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Historically, the university was first opened as a Huntsville Normal school in the year 1875 and taught industrial education. In the year 1890 the school was designated as a land grant institution and the name was changed to The State Agricultural and Mechanical College for Negroes. As the years passed, the college became a Junior college in 1919. Given its progress, the college was given a Class A rating by The Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools in the year 1946 and 1948 witnessed a change of name to Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College.

The college became a fully accredited member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools in the year 1963 and from the year 1969, the college was granted University status and was renamed to Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, a.k.a. Alabama A&M University and acronymed as AAMU.

Brief information about the AAMU

The AAMU is spread over a campus of 2300 acres and is just 5 minutes away from downtown Huntsville by commute.. The campus was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted who was a senior designer of the New York’s Central Park.

The university also has its own post office.

Some numbers

The university has students enrolled from 44 states and 11 countries. Of these, there are about 5000 students for undergraduate courses and about 1000 for graduate courses.. The university also has about 90+ student clubs and organizations and with nearly 75% of student participation in community service projects.

The faculty is in quite a good number. There is roughly 1 teacher/professor for every 20 students with a total of nearly 350 faculty staff.

The university offers 5 undergraduate schools in:

  1. Agricultural and Environmental
  2. Arts and Sciences
  3. Business
  4. Education
  5. Engineering and Technology

Apart from these there are Graduate level specialties as well.

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These schools offer a total of 41 Baccalaureate, 23 Masters, 1 EdS and 4 doctoral degrees to study from. One gets awarded with degrees like: BA, BGS, BS, BSCE, BSEE, BSET, BSME, EdS, MBA, MEd, MEng, MS, MSW, MURP, PhD., recognised in the USA.


  • Phone: (256) 372-5000
  • Email:
  • Post Office Box
    P. O. Box 908 (Undergrad)
    or P. O. Box 998 (Graduate)
    Normal, Alabama 35762
  • Location
    4900 Meridian Street North
    Normal, Alabama 35762


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