There was a time when the internet business started growing and it was known as the golden era of internet. It was in the days of the first decade of the 21st century that everyone starting coming into this relatively new world to explore and find their own place to earn money as a part time work for an individual to become a blogger and then to slowly grow into this domain to really start earning money and to not do any other work and simply earn while you are working from home!

Well, some of them did it in a fake way doing copy pasting, earned money for a short span of time and then were dropped by the search engines to not even earn a single penny of their “so called” hard worked business of faking and copy pasting.

Legitimate way of writing bookmarks

So let us see how to do a proper and legitimate way of making online money by writing bookmarks.

How to post bookmarks?
How to post bookmarks? Source: website.

So, here you can see that a typical bookmarking page has aa few boxes on it. There are:

  • Title box
  • Description box
  • Reference URL box
  • Submit and Cancel buttons

The Title Box

In the title, you must write a title for your bookmark. Make sure the title is about 6 to 9 words. You must be specific about your bookmark. Writing general titles will not help from SEO point of view.

So in this particular example we mentioned first, “interview”. This tells is that this bookmark is about an interview.

Then “of Tony John”. So this tells us that this interview was of Mr. Tony John.

This interview took place at the Creative Blog Thinking website. This is cool and fizzy. But if the author would had written about what this interview is, it would had been helpful. But may be the title would had become quite big.

The Description box

Then comes the Description. In this box, you must describe the bookmark in its complete sense. You can describe about what you saw, what you read, what you experienced as a third person. So, share your views. Write in good and simple English. Do not use flying colours but stay calm and help common people understand.

You can write a description in 150 to 200 words. Make sure you explain and mention everything in it.

The Reference box

Then lastly, comes the Reference URL. The Reference URL should be to official websites only.

For example, if declares an a

Online Editor course and if writes and article about it and if you came to know about through; still, you must bookmark and not in such a case becomes a legal or a official website while can be just a referring site or just another bookmarking site!

So, this article describes about how to write a bookmark. If you have any queries, send them to and I will try to answer them as quickly as possible.


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