How to wrap a new born baby?

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Are you looking for information about how to wrap a new born baby in a piece of cotton cloth if you do not have a Receiving Blanket? Check this article to know in a step by step procedure to know about how to wrap a new born baby.

Why should a new born baby be wrapped in a cotton cloth / Receiving blanket?

When a baby is born, it comes into this whole new world where it does not get the warmth that it receives inside the mother’s womb. It is exposed to the weather and it wants to have the warmth from whichever way possible. So, now it starts movings its hands and legs “as an attempt” to search for the warmth, or in a way to find his/her mother. This hand and leg movements can be uncoordinated and which may injure the new born baby. At the same time, if the baby is unnoticed and does not get the warmth, the body temperature of the child may fall down and it will experience coldness and thus land up into weakness.
Thus, to protect all of this, the baby must be wrapped, so that it stays well and does not spread its hands and legs everywhere and feel helpless. Moreover, when the baby is wrapped in the cotton cloth, it is better to manage and be take care of.

Step 1 – Preparing the cloth

After your child is cleaned and applied with powder, it is time to wrap your child. You may also think of carrying your child on your shoulder to allow the air in the tummy to pass out as a burp. You may also want to make your baby lie on its tummy with its head on the side.

Placing the cloth

  1. Take a square piece of cloth and keep it on the bed with the angle of the square pointing upwards.
  2. Always remember that the cloth should be 100% cotton and synthetic clothes should be never used.
  3. Now hold the corner of the cloth and fold a quarter piece of it on over the cloth itself.
  4. Put some baby powder on it.

Step 2 – Placing your baby

Placing your baby on the cloth is a important step as it gives you the right directions to drape the cotton cloth. Hold the head and neck of your baby in one hand and the back and hips in other hand. Now gently place your baby with the tummy facing up and the head should be placed in such a way that the folded cloth comes at the neck. Your baby will make a lot of movements but do not worry about it.

Step 3 – Wrapping the cloth

Hold the right arm of your baby firmly but gently. Just hold the arm at the side. Do not press it or attempt to bend it. Now, take the right fold of the cloth and drape it around the baby’s body and put the fold around and down the left arm and the back. In doing so, hold the left arm at the left side of the body. Make sure that the cloth fold is firmly in place. Now,

take the left fold and wrap it around to and under the right arm and then bring it again on the left side from the back.
Now take the cloth at the left, bring it together and bring it up along the left side of the baby.
Now, make a cross loop of both ends of the cloth and take one of the ends (the longer one) and twist it around the knees of the baby. Make sure that the twisting of the cloth is firm but does not compress any part of the baby or make it painful for him/her.

Now, after twisting the long end of the cloth, tie a knot of both the ends of the cloth, preferably at the front of the knees.

And thats it. You have correctly wrapped your baby. Sometimes, you might wrap the ends loose on your baby. This happens because we feel that the baby must not be hurt. But, do not worry, the baby will infact feel better when it is tied and wrapped properly.

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