How to use Lighthouse auditing tool for better AdSense earning

Lighthouse tool for website and blog publishers

Google AdSense team announced in the month of February 2018, that Lighthouse tool can be used through the Google Chrome extension. The same is now also available through Google Chrome Developer tools.

What is Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is a open source tool. It is automated. The use of Lighthouse is to improve the quality of web pages in your website. If your site contains hundreds of pages, it becomes difficult to track each and every page manually. It is difficult to know whether any page is becoming poor or needs further updation or more optimisation.

This tool becomes handy to know about how to improve on:

  1. Performance
  2. Compatibility
  3. Progressive web apps
  4. SEO

How to use Lighthouse?

Lighthouse can be used by:

  1. Installing the Lighthouse Chrome Extension
    • Once installed, click on the icon in the extension bar
    • Select from the options, click SEO and instantly get the report.
  2. Using Chrome Developer tools on Google Chrome
    • Open chrome developer tools
    • Go to sudits
    • Click on perform and audit
    • Click the SEO checkbox
    • Click on Run audit

As can be seen the Chrome extension is a more easier way to perform an audit of your web page and start to improving its quality and get a better ranking in search results.

AdSense team mentioned that this tool is not exactly to replace your current search engine optimisation tools. But it can be considered as an add on, if some of your techniques may not be giving you results.

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