This article helps us to understand how to use HTML to show Images in an article. HTML supports adding images in a web page by a simple tag which is a img tag. The Image tag is one of the few tags in HTML which does not have a closing tag. The img tag closes in itself.
The img tag is presented in the following way: –
<img src=”web link to the image” />

Thus, in the above example you can see that we have the angle brackets, img which denotes that this tag is for adding an image, src which denotes the source of the image and the actual link to an image is given in the double inverted commas. Before the right angle bracket, there is a forward slash. This indicates the end of the image tag to put a source or attributes to the tag.

e='text/javascript' src=''>

The following example shows how the following code shows the image given below.
<img src=”×33.jpg” />
gives us the following image: –

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