How to travel from Seychelles to India?

Are you looking for information regarding the different ways by which you can travel from Seychelles to India? Are you a casual or even a regular travel and trying to find out the best routes to travel from Seychelles to India? Read this article to know more about traveling in between Seychelles to India and plan your travel.

Seychelles is an island country and is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Spread over 115 islands, Seychelles has 3 main inhabited islands – Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. There are other islands which has few to negligible population. Some islands are private islands which are purchased by rich people and there are few islands which are coral islands where no human lives.

The main island of Seychelles – Mahe, is located nearly 1500 miles away from mainland Africa and the nearest country is Kenya.

Seychelles is surrounded by water and there are no land connections to other countries. The only two routes for transport to other countries are by Sea or by Air.

Traveling through the Sea

Ship Travel
Ship Travel

The waters of Seychelles gets ships of the navy arriving from other countries to protect its waters from Pirates and thus keeping the country safe.

International Cruises traveling from the Far East to the west, Seychelles is a stopover for the cruises on their way to Cape Town or Mumbai or towards the Mediterranean Sea. Travelling by ship is a very enjoyable but time taking trip and costly affair too and is good if you have the time and the money required for such a leisurely travel.

 Traveling through air

The other option to travel from Seychelles to India is by flights. Flying by air is in many ways better than traveling by the sea.

  1. Traveling by an airplane is much faster than sea travel. You save a lot of time and you get more time to move around.
  2. Flying by airplane is a correct choice for business travelers and vacationers who are having a limited time to stay in India.
  3. Flying is safer than sea travel where you can meet many probably natural calamities, given the time span of travel from Seychelles to India.
  4. Flying is a cheaper mode of travel even if you were to travel by First class or business class ticket in an airplane.


Different Air routes available to travel from Seychelles to India

Now flying from Seychelles to India can be thro

ugh many routes. Until a few years before, direct flights were available by Air India service. These flights were available from Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. The year 2011 saw the closure of these flights due to some internal issues. People thus traveling from India to Seychelles and vice versa then had to take a longer route flight which involved longer duration of flights. The route which was only 4 to 5 hours long started taking 8 and 10 hours of flying.

Then certain flight services like the British Airways who had intercontinental flights stopped coming to the Seychelles after having 2 weekly flights to Seychelles.

Then Qatar airways stopped their flights in mid 2013 which was a good connection to Mumbai.

The remaining flights until late 2013 were by Emirates, Etihad, Kenya and Ethiopian airways.

  • While Emirates is a good service and offers it own flights to take you to Dubai and from Dubai to Mumbai, Etihad works the other way.
  • Etihad have code sharing with Air Seychelles and Air Seychelles flies you to Abu Dhabi. Now, Jet Airways from India takes you from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai. So Etihad seems to be just for name sake over here. They might be providing their flights to other routes but for India, Etihad itself did not fly you to Seychelles or to India.
  • Kenya Airways has been a stable route and until mid 2013, was the cheapest route available to travel to India. If you are looking for luxury, you will get food, drinks and wine in the flight but do not expect much from the airport. The Nairobi airport is a simple brick and mortar airport, with some duty free shops. It is clean, but there is no flattering stuff. The arrival area is a circular walkway which looks like a small road in a dull market.
  • Ethiopian airways had claimed of starting Airbus 380 flights but they stopped once again. The connection to Mumbai is not regular and can stop anytime.

Then by late 2013, Srilankan airlines started flights to Seychelles through their subsidized flight service – Mihin Lanka. This brought a good competition in the flights. After being stopped of service from Air India, Seychelles had no option other than to depend on the Arabic world to provide connecting flights. Well, the thoughts in those days of 2010 – 11 were probably like: Why should we have direct flights when the rich Arabs can provide connecting flights? If people have to come to Seychelles, they will come any way and go anyway! Who cares!!!

 Srilanka and advantage of direct flights with them

So Mihin Lanka and Srilankan Airlines provided a good connection and cheaper price as well. While going from Seychelles to India you had just a 45 minute stopover in Colombo and then immediately fly to Delhi, Varanasi, Buddha Gaya, Bombay, Kochi, Bangalore, Trichy, Chennai, Madurai and Trivandrum with good connectivity.

Air Travel around the world
Air Travel around the world

Now after making losses, Ministry of Tourism of Seychelles have probably realized that they need to have direct connections for their business purposes and tourism purposes. We can put it as : Realizing from Colombo connection and seeing the worth of direct flights with the island of Srilanka, people have seen good rise of business potential with them.  Although tourism business may not be of that value with the country as compared to the European market and may not be as well with India, but the business potential has been great with the country. Srilanka offers good connectivity and potential for business to Seychelles.

 Advantage India

Now, if we look at India, there are many Indians in Seychelles and there is tremendous business potential with India as well, thanks to India being mammoth raw and finished goods producing country and that too at a very competitive cost as compared to the European and American market.

Thus, coming back to the point, it has been a good decision that Air Seychelles has started direct flights to India.

The flights to India

So, coming back to our point, there are 2 flights per week to Mumbai starting from 1st December 2014. The flight takes 4 to 4.5 hours to reach Mumbai and the flights are on Saturdays and Tuesdays. The Saturday flight is in late evenings and reaches Mumbai early mornings. The same flight leaves after 2 hours and reaches Seychelles at Breakfast time and ready to leave for another route. Tuesday flights leave in late evenings to reach Mumbai on Wednesday early mornings and leave in the mornings to reach Seychelles at Tuesday Breakfast time.

So which route should I take?

  1. If you have ample time, do not have any urgency, want to enjoy your tour around and reach India, can afford the costs of the cruise ticket and understand the risks that can be a part during the travel to India, take the sea route.
  2. If you have to make your travel faster, in less time, have limited time available for traveling or are on a small vacation, then take the air route.
    1. If you have work at Dubai, want to enjoy the luxury of the airport then take a flight with Emirates airways. Emirates have a flight everyday and that too twice in a day. So if cost of the ticket is not an issue and time is a little bit relaxed, then Emirates flight is best for you. Time required for journey to India can vary between 8 to 10 hours. Flight delays can happen depending on weather and can range up to 6 to 8 hours of delay.
    2. If you have work in Abu Dhabi and if the costs of this route which are the costliest and are not an issue, then take this route. The airport is good; flights are good, only that you will see differently dressed air host / hostess and get to hear different languages. Time required for journey can vary between 8 to 10 hours. Flight delays can happen depending on weather conditions and can range up to 6 to 8 hours.
    3. If you have work in Nairobi or want to fly by cheap airline service, and want to save
      money by avoiding the luxury and related costs at airport, then travel by Kenya Airways. Although cheaper than Emirates, it really isn’t that cheap or less than Emirates. So if you are able to pay a bit more (100 to 200 US Dollars) to Emirates and enjoy a good stopover at Dubai. Total flight time including stopover can be 8 to 10 hours. Delays do not happen much. The 2013 firebreak at the Nairobi airport arrival hall has raised concerns about safety to travel at the airport and also concerns can be felt from Somali people.
    4. Ethiopian airlines can be good, but do check with your travel agent. Health concerns are on a high rise thanks to Ebola breakout. Flight timings are longer as flying to Addis Ababa and then to Mumbai is long journey.
    5. Mihin Lanka and Srilankan Airlines are a good option to fly to Mumbai. But not really when you fly back from Mumbai to Seychelles. The long 6 hours stopover with only a Breakfast meal being given can make you mad if you have nothing to do.
    6. Air Seychelles direct flights to Mumbai can be the best option in all the flights. Good service, luxurious airport at Mumbai, no stopovers, 4 to 4.5 hours journey time, good on board services by Air Seychelles and late evening flights to ensure that you finish your work in Seychelles for the day and get to the airport to fly to India and get to work in the next morning in India. That is lovely! Good thought by the CEO of Air Seychelles. Not only that, you get early morning flight in India and return back to Seychelles at Breakfast time.

So, you decide upon which way you have to travel to and from India and select the best route. Keep eyes open to other routes opening to Seychelles to know the shortest routes and the best routes to travel from Seychelles to India.

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