How to take Homeopathy medicines – and their restrictions

This article describes about how to take Homeopathy medicines that are prescribed by your Homeopath. For most of the other Homeopathy medicines and preparations that are available over the counter, have instructions on them which are mostly safe to take the remedies.

The most preferable way to take Homeopathy medicines depends on whether the medicine is given in a liquid or a powder or globule form.

  1. Liquid form – Your Homeopath will ask you to put a specific number of drops in water (again specified). Then you will have to drink the water in one go, or by taking sips of the water at short intervals. For some liquids, you will be asked not to dissolve in any water and to have them directly on your tongue.
  2. Powder form – Powders are generally cane sugar or sugar of goat’s milk. Drops of medicine are put on these powders and packed in butter paper. Generally a small packet of this powder is a dose. You will have to open the packet containing the powder, all the time taking care that the powder is not being touched by hand. Then pour all of the powder into your mouth and let is slowly dissolve in your saliva. Until the powder gets completely dissolved, keep on mindfully swallowing your saliva for the medication to get into your system.
  3. Globules – Globules are balls of cane sugar and which are made through a process. Drops of Homeopathic medicine are put on these globules and these are kept in glass or plastic phials. Your Homeopath will let you know about how many globules should be taken at a time. Put these globules into your mouth, preferably below your tongue and allow them to dissolve. Till that time, keep on mindfully swallowing your saliva, thus allowing the medicine to get absorbed into the system.

Do I need to take Homeopathy medicine on empty stomach or after having food?

Traditionally Homeopathy medicines are asked to be taken before food. Why? The reason is that after you have food, the juices that are secreted through your digestive track from mouth to intestines, can alter the effects of Homeopathy medicines and thus, it is safest to take Homeopathy medicines on an empty stomach.

How much before should I take my homeopathy medicines before having food or drink?

I will suggest to maintain a gap of 10 to 15 minutes after which you can have any food or drink. But if you forget to have your remedy before food, then give a gap of 15 to 20 minutes after you have your last bite of food or last sip of liquid (whichever is last) and then have your remedy.

Are there any restrictions on food or liquid to drink?

Restrictions on food or liquid can be broadly termed into three different types:

  1. Personal
  2. Disease oriented
  3. M
  1. Personal: Personal restrictions deal with your daily habits of having food and drinks. There can be certain habits, addictions, cravings which may either be not good for your body or mind. While such habits may not be directly linked to your disease / troubles, your Homeopath can ask you to get off such personal habits as well.

  2. Disease oriented: Certain habits can be exciting or fundamental causes of your diseases. Yet some other habits can be maintaining causes of your diseases. Again, for such habits, you will be asked to get rid off as early as you can.

  3. Medicinal: There are certain foods and liquids which are neither personal habits, nor disease oriented habits. Eating raw onion, raw garlic, drinking coffee along with homeopathy medicines or during the day can hamper the action of homeopathic medicines. While these are important to be maintained, do not worry and think that your world is over, if you happen to have any of them by chance. Other things to be taken care of can be not taking your medicine immediately after brushing teeth, not using strong perfumes on your body and not having other medicines immediately before or after a Homeopathy remedy. And yet a gap of half hour is preferable for the same.

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