How to stand and sit correctly during pregnancy?


Are you looking for information about what would be the most correct position to sit and stand during pregnancy so you and your growing baby do not suffer from any troubles? Then read this article to get information precisely about what to do and what not to do about sitting and standing during pregnancy.


So this article will let you know about how should be the most correct positions while sitting, standing and lying down when you are pregnant. The million dollar question is, why is it so important to know this stuff? Isn’t my normal sitting and standing correct in any way? Well, this is the stuff! Even though you may be sitting and

Addressing the stress and strain in pregnancy

standing and lying does just as you were in your non pregnant days, you might be putting strain on your back. This can be observed as and how your baby becomes more active or less active and this also gives you a lot of signs about what you are doing when it is correct and what you are doing when it is wrong? Confused? Well let me tell you what is the wrong way and what is the correct way when it comes to sitting, lying down and standing during pregnancy. The important aspect in these tips is to make your body adjust well to your tummy which is growing in size and shape. This changes your centre of gravity and thus if you may bend forward, or bend backward, you may get a feeling that you would tumble down. Thus to prevent such a thing to happen or even to help your back muscles.

How to stand correctly during pregnancy?

Everything has to do with your balance during pregnancy. Thus it starts from Head and ends with the toe.

  • Your head should be straight when you are going to stand up. Do not get up with your head bend sidewards or bend backwards or downwards. Do not keep on shaking your head while getting up or while standing.
  • The ears have 3 semicircular canals which are the main instruments in maintaining a correct balance of the body. Thus, make sure, your head is lined with your should and the ears should be in line with your shoulders. Do not look on the left or right direction while getting up and standing.
  • Do not bend your shoulders or have your body twisted every now and then and slow down your movements and be aware of what you are doing. If you do need to do some work with bending, then you should always take support and then do your work consciously.
  • Do not become lazy and sag down your head. Keep it straight and alert.
  • Knees should be straight and flexible.
  • Again, do not sag down your tummy. Imagine yourself going to work and the way you would present yourself with an upright back. Do not tilt your body forward or backward.
  • If you need to keep on standing for a long time, which typically happens if you are the only lady at home, then you should give rest to one of your feet by raising it up on a low heighted stool and keep on switching the foot after few minutes. While working in the kitchen, and if you have a cabinet below your kitchen table, then you could open the door of the cabinet and keep your foot on the raised floor of the cabinet. And then keep on changing the foot every 10 to 15 minutes.

How to sit correctly during pregnancy?

When it comes to sitting, let me tell you something that will not make you feel happy. As you enter the third trimester of pregnancy, you should not sit for a long time. And still when you do need to sit, try to keep in mind the following points:

  • You should sit with your back completely straight. So think of sitting with your back again a straight wall. If you need to sit on a chair, choose a chair which has a straight back. You may keep a cushion, but try to keep a firm one and not a cushion which can change shape according to your back.
  • Tips to a better body in pregnancy

  • Sit straight. Your hips should touch the angle of the chair. Keep a back support in between the chair / wall and your back. You could use a rolled up towel or a small pillow at the curve
    of your back. If you are not able to keep a towel or pillow then you could sit on a chair and pull your back in the upward direction and then hold it in that way for a few seconds. Then release your back slightly by around 10 degrees and stay sit in that position.
  • Distribute your body weight evenly on both hips. Do not keep your legs crossed and your feet should be flat on the floor. If sitting on a chair that rotates, do not twist yourself in your waist. But rotate the chair with your legs. Change your position after every 30 minutes. Change from sitting to standing and to lying down every half hour.

Try to follow the points mentioned above. It will be helpful for your back and also for your whole body to go through the remaining phase of your pregnancy and also to deliver your child in the most normal way.

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