How to spend less time on the screen?

The time has come when the screen is starting to become a nuisance. What a pity! Even to write this article I have to be in front of this screen and use this keyboard! And for you to read this article, you have to front of a screen! However the world is changing, the screen and the keyboard are still a big part of our lives, whether it be a big screen or a small screen, a attached screen or a detachable screen, it is still there.

The hi-tech people are creating displays without a screen but still it is way too costly and beyond reach of the most common people. May be in the next decade or so, we might get such displays for free, but for now, I do not have millions of dollars on me for the screen-less display!

So, while every other work is being done through the screen, it is also becoming a habit, more a addiction that people are getting glued to it without a glue that life seems non existent without this screen. People can view and feel the  mountains and the gardens only through a screen! This has affected us so much, that wellness resorts have come up offering this beauty at exorbitant costs, which otherwise is available free of cost just an hour or two down the road!

Anyways; that is`not our point of question and discussion over here, but we are looking for a few tips about how to be able to spend less time on the screen.

What is meant by a screen?

When I said the screen, you can consider right from your cell phones, smart phones, tablets, phablets, laptops and computers and television where you spend time gaining information by looking at the screen and hearing to the sounds.

Some facts and figures

The UK has been a hotspot for the use of the screen and a survey carried by VoucherCodePro gives figures that 62% of Brits hate the time they are spending on the phone. This and other inputs have made an impact on the life of people that the National Day of Unplugging has come up with March 6th through end of the March 7 of every year. Great start! So as a start check out the following simple tips which can help you to be away from your phone and your screens to a better extent!

Tip 1 – Turn off notifications on your phones

Notifications are pesky things I must say. While some are really nice, some may not be wanted the very moment something comes in. Now this differs for every person’s taste. Thanks to Mashable, check out apps like QualityTime for Android and Moment for the iOS phones, we can now find out how much time we are spending time on our phones.

Let us say for example you are a Media Reporter, so may need notifications from News apps and your mail app but you might not need notifications from Facebook. So you might turn off your Facebook notifications.

If you are a student, you might not need news apps at all and you might not need mail notifications but you might be interested in Facebook app notification and other social media notifications.

Thus you can first turn off the notifications that you do not need and just keep those you need. If the app allows you to set time limits, do try to set them. For an example, you do not need a news notification just as it comes. Thus, instead of having 10 notifications a minute you can set it for 1 notification in every hour or so.

Tip 2 – Stay unavailable during your day (and night)

While many of us say about being connected and being available is good, this may not be the actual truth. Most of us know and even experienced that staying available for 24 hours a day does not bring in any extra outcome as compared to being available for 2 to 3 hours. We can do the same work with complete concentration that can be done by general concentration over 8 to 10 hours; leave along 24 hours. Respect your time, your privacy and stay unconnected during fixed hours of your time. Let us say, switch to airplane mode during nights and other hours when you do not want any hindrance. You do not need to have a screen in front of you when you are sleeping, at your exercise time and at your bathing time. Keep these minutes and hours only for you.

Enjoy your food during breakfast, Lunch dinner without any peek peek from the phone and without having your eyes being glued to the television.

Tip 3 – Keeping communication to what is required

Communication has become very easy now a days. And more to that, if you have a free unlimited internet connection, you can communicate the world over for free. Different software and apps like Skype, Hangouts, Rynga, Nimbuzz, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook have brought the power of communicating each other so easily that you do not even need a Telephone unit to dial a call to the other person.

What this has brought in is fear and anxiety. Huh! Is this true? Well, yes. Let me give a personal experience over here. Whenever I would be traveling, my home people start calling me every half and hour! Why? Well just wanting to know if I am driving at 80 miles per hour or 120 miles per hour. And in the contrast I had been strangled at the same spot on the road for the last 4 hours – Zero miles per hour! This is absolutely unnecessary. Too much worry and too much anxiety. It is OK if we get a call once in 2 hours but people do not understand. The general feeling comes that we have the power to communicate in our hands! But this is actually making us impatient. Just for the reason – What is it going to cost me? 25 cents! Who cares? But this Who cares character brings in irritation and ultimately we go to Airplane mode. But who was the person in the first case to let this anxiety flow in? WE! We allowed our people to call us at any time and they felt it is okay to call  their Surgeon Son to call him even in the mid of his operation. The mother does not care if her surgeon son leaves the knife in the patient’s stomach, but she must call him to ask whether he ate all the 3 pancakes at lunch! Sounds ridiculous but true!

So, please switch off your phone and switch your screens to airplane mode whenever possible. This way people get to learn when you would be available and when not.

Tip 4 – Letting go off the Screen soaps!

So you had a very nice life, grew up your kids and now are cleared up of your social responsibilities and have a lot of free time. So now what to do? Most of us prefer to get glued to the TV soaps and typical family stories being shown because they seem to be so real and familiar to your daily life.

As the people in the television serial cry, you start crying. As they are angry, you get angry. As they are happy you might feel happy. You feel that your own life is very much the same as you see on TV.

But you know what! You are actually not looking at your family at all. Another funny thing that I have seen in the Indian soaps is that you have 5 to 6 stories one after the other. These are very similar to each other – written by the same screen writer – only that the names of the people are different – still people want to see each and every soap to know what is going to happen next! In contrast, people have left seeing National Geographic, Discovery channel, Animal Planet and History channel!

This is something that if you feel is your story, must be let gone off as soon as possible. Although we would advice you to let go off your screens, I would still say that you could get glued to more of the reality shows on channels mentioned above.

Tip 5 – All those Candies and Sodas!

In my school days, I was sent to a tuition class and the teacher was staying in a 12 floor tower building. I still remember the introduction day when she said to us that now a days people living in Tower building do not know who is staying in the whole building and not many of them were concerned about who is living in the neighboring block! It was a weird feeling that one does not know who is living where. And as if this was not enough, now you get lot of entertainment and games on your smartphones to which you can get instantly hooked up. Whats more, in every update released, you get 20+ new levels to play! WOW! This is just terrific. So even if you are traveling in a jam-packed crowded train with barely just one hand free, you can still take out your phone and start playing on your tiny screen and not worry about your phone being theft! Crush the candies and raise the soda and you do not know how your time passes! Well not only that, you do not even care to look around and see who is passing by, you do not even look around to see the nature passing by. And we thought that only businessmen were glued to their computers through their first class travel!

Leave all those sodas and candies. Not only are they sweet, but they are actually alienating you from the society a

nd making you more and more  silent and taking you into a world of communicating through screens!

The world is big and you yourself as a person has so much to look out at, so much to see that you will finish with your life and yet not have finished the world enough. Come on, do not get permanently glued to the screen. Take out your bike, remove that rust on to it and go for long rides! Get out of that digital traffic and explore the beauty of nature. I myself have been lucky enough to get into nature through these years and relish the peace, serenity and enjoy my integrity with nature and get on with my life.

Yes, we do need these screens, they have made our life easier, better communicable and have made the world a small global village. But do not get into it so much that it may make a dependency delusion on to you, overcome you and make your life miserable without them. Enjoy life to the fullest and be in real communication with the world.

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