Are you looking for information about how to set up and activate your Apple iPhone? Check this article to know how to start using your iPhone after a few quick installation tips.


Setting up a Apple iPhone is a easy task if done correctly. iPhone has built in few click features which help to start an iPhone. Activation of iPhone can be done over a Wi-Fi internet network or through the cellular network available on your mobile telephony service like Edge, 2G, 3G or 4G. In case if none of the internet networks are available, then activation of the Apple iPhone can be done by connecting it to your computer and connecting it to the iTunes software, installed on the PC.

Set Up process for Apple iPhone activation

The Set Up Assistant is a software program installed on your iPhone which will guide and take you through the activation process. It asks you various questions, takes you through various procedures like registering, opening a new Apple ID or connecting to one if you already have and others. Following are the steps that happen when registering your iPhone through the SetUp Assistant.

  1. The Set Up process starts first by detecting a internet network If such a network is present, you will be first asked to connect to the network. If there is no network available, then the Setup assistant will guide you towards connecting to iTunes on a PC/ Mac.
  2. After you are connected to a network, the Setup assistant program takes you to signing in with your Apple ID. Apple ID is required to get many of the features of Apple like App Store, iTunes store, FaceTime, iCloud, iMaps and many such apps required to enhance your Apple iPhone.
  3. After you create your Apple ID, you will be then asked to create or enter your existing passcode. This takes to the further Setup process of iCloud.
  4. iCloud takes your Apple iPhone onto the Cloud which provide backing up services, Real Time Synchronisation and securing your Data, lost phone detection, data deletion in case of losing Apple iPhone and many other features. This involves in creating the iCloud Keychain which is a high bit encryption security chain to protect your personal information.
  5. Apple iPhone Set Up and Activation
    Courtesy: Apply iPhone website
  6. After the above core features are activated successfully, Setup assistant then takes you through recommended features. Recommended features are those which are not required for your Apple iPhone to work, but if activated, gives enhanced features and options which can be easily handled by your Apple iPhone processors. This includes the more recent and graduating apps like the Location Services.
  7. Next and starting from Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, one can connect their credit and debit cards to the Passbook app on Apple Pay. This enables to buy apps, books, premium music and movies on Apple Store.
  8. Once all of these steps are done, The Setup assistant activates your iPhone through the internet network, after which you can start using your phone.
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