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The Love Bite!
photo credit: kynan tait via photopin cc

Love bites, also known as Hickey are great and cool in the hottest of those moments of making love, but can be a meddlesome when you need to become social with others. Let us say that you need to go to your great aunt’s daughter’s birthday bash! So, read this article to know how to remove those love bites and hickeys in easy quick steps.

Part 1 – Removing the Hickey

Cool down the red hickey

The sooner the better! Make an ice pack or even a spoon kept in your fridge, and apply it on your hickey. If you do not have an ice pack, then take a towel or a handkerchief and put some ice in it. Hold the ends of the towel so that the ice does not fall out and now hold this towel with ice on your hickey. Use a lot of pressure while applying the ice pack and you should start seeing the effects on the hickey in a few minutes.

Brushing your hickey

Make use of a new toothbrush. Follow the steps of using a new toothbrush as follows:

  1. Gently stroke the hickey and surrounding skin with this brush which will stimulate blood circulation. Do not press too hard.
  2. In around 15 minutes, the redness of the hickey will spread and will start fading away.
  3. Take your ice pack and keep on applying it on the area. If you hickey was too hard, then you may repeat the above steps as required.

Scraping your love bite with a coin

Beware. This is hard, painful but gives real results. Follow the steps below:

  1. First, stretch your skin and make it flat by pulling around the hickey from opposite sides.
  2. Now take a large coin especially a coin which has rough edges and using the edge, start scraping your skin.
  3. Press hard. The harder you press and scrub, the better. But do not press too hard that your skin might break, bleed or hurt.
  4. This will cause redness but this is go much faster than only the redness of the hickey.

Use your toothpaste on your hickey

Using toothpaste on skin and not on teeth is great! Follow these steps to cool down your hickey with toothpaste. Take some toothpaste on your fingers and rub it in a slow, firm and circular motion. Let the toothpaste stay over there for a few minutes. You may feel a tingling sensation which will stop after sometime. After it stops tingling, take a cloth which is dipped in warm water and remove the toothpaste with the cloth. You can repeat this after a day if the mark still remains.

Massage the hickey

Massaging helps to increase the circulation of the blood over the hickey area and this helps lighten the damage. Massage first in a clockwise direction first, and then rub in the other direction.

Part 2 – How to hide your hickey?

Use Makeup to hide your hickey

A concealer make up with a green tint is the most effective make up. The green tint helps to negate the red tones of the skin. Follow the steps below to effectively hide using makeup.

  1. First apply a yellow corrector from the center of the hickey
  2. Then on to it use a green corrector from outside to negate the yellow tone.
  3. Now apply foundation which has a little lighter shade than your skin. This should be applied all over the hickey. Apply the foundation even on the surrounding area so that others do not understand that you are hiding something.
  4. Now if you feel that this has not hidden enough, then again apply some concealer on the makeup.

Cover the hickey with your hair and clothing

Covering your hickey with hair and clothing in style can be a great effort when done with the above. But do it with style and according to the season and fashion. You can have various options like wearing a turtleneck or a scarf and sometimes to tune up with a collared shirt or a jacket. According to the weather, you could also think of wearing a blouse. Next, wear some neck accessories can also be a good styling to draw attention away from the hickey spot.

Arnica for your hickey

Arnica comes in herbal as well as Homeopathic ointment formulation. When you come back home and remove the makeup and apply Arnica Salve t

o reduce the swelling and make it better. Witch-hazel will also help to heal your Hickey.

Vitamin K for the Hickey

A cream of Vitamin K can also help to reabsorb the blood which is near the surface of the skin and thus reduce the redness and brownish appearance.

Part 3 – Working to clear stubborn and hard hickeys

Heat application for many days

Boil water for a couple of minutes and dip your wash cloth in it. Now remove it, wring it mop your hickey with a hot wash cloth every day. After applying it for a couple of minutes, again put it in hot water and apply it on your hickey area. You may also thing of buying a reusable heat patch from the pharmacy. Hickeys might take a week’s time to fade away. Using the above mentioned methods can make it fade away faster and will leave no mark over the area. Be patient and give it some time to get cleared away.

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