Recycling has become a important part of our day to day life. Not all things that seem “useless” are actually useless. They can either be rebuilt or can be used into other appliances or objects. Doing such a kind of recycling also helps to save our climate and the environment that we live in. It helps us to reduce the production of non biodegradable things. Check out this article to know more about how to recycle things in a more effectively way when being at home.

Recycling refers to reusing of old and waste goods which may seem to be of no use in themselves, but can either rebuilt up or may be used as components in other goods. For example, an old computer with a old processor may not be able to run the modern Windows operating system of today. But the same old system may be able to run Linux systems in a very powerful way. Now if you can use such a computer running on Linus Operating System, then it means that you do not need to buy new hardware for your Linux computer and you can save the nature and landfills with such waste. This will also help our nature from being less polluted and also keep check on air and water pollution as well. Not to mention that it helps save your money as well.

How to recycle paper and cardboard?

Paper is made from trees. Even if we are having alternate sources of paper, we cannot rely on the alternate sources because they are too costly to use or they are too complicated to make. So, trees are still the only best source to make paper. But, if you recycle paper, cutting of trees can be controlled to a large extent. So, instead of throwing paper in the dustbin, keep the paper neatly and give it to the recycling system. So, keep magaine paper separate, envelops and printer paper separate so that they can be recycled in a proper manner. Remove any other non paper things like rubber bands, elastic bands, staples, pins that may be attached to the paper, so that they are not sent to the recycling plants. Sort out other paper products like carbon paper, laminated papers, sticker papers label paper as they are all prepared using a base which is infused onto them and has to be dealt separately. When dealing with cardboard, check whether the cardboard has oil or lamination on to it. If so, try to remove th ecoat on the cardpaper and cardboard and then send it to recycle.

How to recycle plastic at home?

Plastics are poly carbonates and are complex molecules which should not ideally be sent to the landfills. They do not get mixed up with any organic substance and get clogged into existing recycling systems. Plastics have special recycling systems and not all kinds of plastics are accepted for recycling. Try to reduce your use of plastic as much as possible. Do not use thin plastic bags. Go for harder plastics. Avoid usage of plastic bottles as they have many synthetic and poisonous chemicals in them. Use paper egg cartons and store the plastic bags that are used to pack food items. Packaging plastics for cheese, butter, yogurt can be recycled easily.

Recycling of glass and glass items

Glass is a very easy item to recycle and setting up glass recyclers is not a costly affair that may become with plastic. The main consideration that is done while recycling glass is the colour that is used in the glass. Glass can be either clear glass or green glass and brown glass. Separate the glass according to the colour and give separate batches of each colour to recycle. After the colour, you must separate the glass according to its type. Separate bulbs, sheet glasses, mirror glasses and bottles. All of these have different melting points.

Recycling of items made from Aluminium, Steel and Copper

Items made from these substances and alloys are very useful for recycling. They are long lasting and can be converted into different forms as well as and when required. All food cans and other vessels should bethoroughly cleaned Remove all the paper labels and plastic lids on these cans. Aluminium can be reused to make foils, wires, sheets, plates, machine parts and many other things. Take care that aerosol cans and paint cans should be kept separately and their labels should not be removed. The recycling units will first need to have these be properly cleaned by chemical processes and then recycle them for further use. Items made from Copper can be reused again anf again and can be combined to form alloys like Brass or bronze.

Electronic parts recycling

Electronics have been used and thrown at large since the past few decades. The difference with electronic waste is they are generated for 2 reasons. The reason of getting old and thus being thrown away is a very minimal reason. The major reason is because a electronic item becomes “outdated”. Thus, even though the life of a electronic item would be 20 years, it may be removed in 2 years as well, because a newer, updated variety of the same product with many more functions are available. This creates electronic waste at a very fast rate. Further, electronic goods are a combination of Plastic, chemicals, aluminium, gold and thus cannot be easily disposed off. Thus, electronic goods should be reused or sent to other places to be used and reused as much as possible. Computers, printers, scanners, toners should be recycled as much as possible. Cell phones, laptops and telephone units can be repaired an

d given to other needy people if you feel that you must have a new one. Batteries and chargers should be kept separate and should not be disposed off in normal waste.

Recycling of medicinal waste

Medicinal products should not be kept beyond their date of expiry. Medical products, cosmetics should be consumed before they expire. They contain a lot of synthetic chemicals which can be harmful for the recycling and wastage systems. There are specific laboratories and recycling units who can process expired chemicals and then either dispose them off in a non hazardous manner or can be reused in a safe way.

Try to use as much as natural things as possible. Reliance on synthetic things makes life easy, but becomes a big trouble and a mess with the environment and thus can be harmful in the long run and future.

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