How to recover your stolen and lost mobile cell phone?


Has somebody stolen or have you just lost your mobile cell phone or smartphone? Are you looking for steps to recover your phone? Then check this article to know about how to recover your stolen cell phone in quick easy steps.



Where is my phone gone? Please Help!

This has happened to many of us. Let us say, to everyone of us. Just while walking on the road in a huge crowd or while traveling in a bus or train and when you are unaware, or even if you are constantly aware! Your cell phone gets disappeared all of a sudden and you are simply unaware of it. Or may be when you are lousily walking along the footpath and when you keep your footstep on the drain hole and your hands start sweating a lot and your cell phone slips from your hand and whoooooosh! There goes your cell phone through the drain hole cover and drained into the sea! Now what to do? There could be still a chance that even though it got drained, it must be lying around the side somewhere still alive and kicking, or maybe someone picked it up from the other end and it is still working!

Recovering a lost or stolen cell phone by the IMEI number

Did we hear that somewhere? IMEI? Well yes, you have heard of this IMEI and not only have you heard, you have seen this IMEI. Everytime when you buy a new cell phone, the dealer gives you some stickers and some barcodes. Oh! Who cares? I just throw that crap away. I am not a bar code reader. Okay, you will get to know how to retrieve your IMEI, but next time, do not do this. Keep all of your barcodes, labels, numbers safely in one place. May be right in your wallet or purse, so that the next time, you can do immediate action. OKAY, so what to do NOW?

You most important thing is the IMEI code. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity number. This number gives a unique identity to your GSM, CMDA and satellite phones. This number is used to track, lock and suspend your phone from being used by any other person and even to recover it.

The IMEI number is written on various places.

  • On your purchase bill, when you had bought the mobile cell phone
  • On the Bar code sticker, which is attached to the mobile phone box
  • In your cell phone which can be easily found by pressing the code: *#06#.

Now rush to the nearest police station and you can submit the following information to the police who will help you to track your cell phone:

  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Phone Model
  • Make
  • Last used phone number – i.e. your current cell phone number
  • Your email address for communication
  • Date of theft of your phone or the date when you lost your phone
  • IMEI number

With an advancement in technology, there are better ways to inform the police and get your phone in a faster manner, especially if you are using a smartphone. Read further to know more.

How to recover Symbian OS based Nokia cell phone?

If your cell phone is having a Symbian system, then there is a Mobile tracker software which is called as WaveSecure. This tracker can be installed only on advanced Nokia phones which are N Series or later ones. Older phones cannot have this software by McAfee working on them. WaveSecure requires GPS data. The software can be downloaded over here: McAfee WaveSecure download. The only downside is its cost which can hold you back from having this software. WaveSecure is also available for other phones which run on Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Java phones. Check this link to know more about these softwares and apps.

How to recover Android OS based smartphones?

Most of the apps for Android are free of cost. And the best amongst them is the Where’s My Droid. You can easily download this app from the Google Play Store. Android OS itself has integrated a tracker into the operating system. But it seems that Where’s my droid is a more user friendly option and offers a lot of options to work with. Download this app on your Android Device from the Google Play store.

How to recover Apple iPhone?

Apple have created a an app called as Find my iPhone. Using this app, you can also track your iPods and iPads and iPad minis. They have also probably added this feature to iMac and Macbooks. This app presents an app for the phone unit and other is a web app, managed through i

Cloud. You should install the app on your iPhone and if it is already installed, do not remove it. Now, through iCloud, login in to your app and you will be presented with a map which shows the exact location of your Apple device(s). You have options like Play sound, Lock Phone, Wipe Phone. In your case, you should select Lock Phone and then take this data to the nearest Police Station. Do not go alone for searching your phone. In other cases, if you think that you may not able to get your phone and if your data is sensitive, then click on Erase phone. This function erases your data completely from the stolen iPhone.

You can track Sony Erisson Mobile phone by using the WaveSecure app by McAfee.
Samsung Mobile phones do come with their own mobile tracking software.

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