How to quickly register at IndiaStudyChannel website?

IndiaStudyChannel website is one of the best resources online to get knowledge about the latest happenings in India about the current affairs going on in the country. Education, Colleges, Schools, Admissions and about how to do various tasks.

Get to know about the different examinations taking around in India, the education systems prevalent in the country, at the same time, finding a ready source about previous years’ question papers, practice tests and getting to master your English language skills.

One can also legitimately earn online at IndiaStudyChannel website. IndiaStudyChannel is the only Indian website which is authentic and has been approved to run the Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Programme. Through this programme, you can earn online through the website by posting articles, answering other members’ queries, taking part in writing competitions, posting question papers.

IndiaStudyChannel also offers Cash Credits in Indian Rupees which are awarded for every good quality contribution of yours and get accumulated into your profile account. Once you reach a minimum threshold, the website sends you an invoice which you have to fill with your Bank account details. Your hard earned money is transferred then to your bank account.

Watch this quick video to learn about how to quickly register at IndiaStudyChannel website.


At IndiaStudyChannel, you have a lot of options to post your information. You can write at the Forums, write good quality and original articles in the Article section, ask your queries to get opinions and suggestions from experts, get information about colleges and schools in India. Also get information about the various universities in the country and at the same time the different courses offered by the universities.

Want to know about the different villages, panchayats, cities and administration in India. Then check the My India Section as well to know more about India and its administrative, political and Geographical divisions of India.

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