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Losing weight is a dream come true for many of us and is always a challenge in itself. Staying slim and trim, in correct shape is a thing that everyone will love. But losing weight too quickly can become dangerous for the body. Sudden change in body environment is not good. Gradual, steady weight loss is the best way to control weight and drop a several pounds of fats. THere are numerous different ways and we will be reading about 4 top ways to lose weight.

4 top ways to lose weight

  1. Fad Diets
  2. Healthy eating habits
  3. Lose weight by exercises
  4. Weight loss treatment programs at Spas

Fad Diets

Fad diets help to quickly lose weight and such a weight loss is actually observed to cause changes in the body day after day. Such diets should be only considered as gateways to a healthier lifestyle, to break off from our daily unhealthy habits and as a medium to adapt to a better way of eating and drinking food. Such fad diets should not be continued on a long term basis as they may cause harm to the body. Following are the different types of Fad diets which can be practiced to rapidly lose weight.

Types of Fad diets

  1. Water Diet
  2. Fruit and Juice cleansing diet / Hollywood diet
  3. Master cleanse diet
  4. Cabbage Soup diet
  5. Fasting diet
  6. HCG Diet

  1. Water Diet

Increase your water drinking habits by drinking as many as 8 glasses of cold water. In other terms increase up to 64 fluid ounces of water in a day. Always drink water just before you have your food. When you drink water before having food, your desire to eat becomes less on account of a partially filled stomach. Keep in mind that you should not opt for a water only diet. Water only diets are harmful and deprives your body of requisite nutrients, which will only cause tiredness, weakness and disturbed metabolism.

  • Fruit and Juice cleansing diet / Hollywood diet
  • This type of diet is popularly known as Hollywood diet because it has become a popular belief that Hollywood actresses eat a lot of fruits and have juice cleanses! Anyways, it helps and even it is for the name, it is worth it! If you want to stick to Hollywood diet, then you must eat and drink juices which are made from fresh raw fruits and vegetables. Sticking to juices from raw fruits and vegetables, removes the toxins from the body and thus helps in reducing weight. Such weight loss and cleanse programs and packages are devised for 1 to 3 days and some programs are even up to 7 days. Think of buying and investing in such a package or even if it to buy a new juicer for yourself.

  • Master cleanse diet
  • A Master cleanse program is a diet in which you consume only liquids! Surprised? Thinking about how you would get nutrition? But do not worry. All the nutrition is through liquids, as if you are drinking an already digested food, which gets readily absorbed and there is less conversion to fat. Such a diet consists of a Lemonade, salt water drink and herbal laxatives. Drink only these substances for 10 days, then shift to only raw fruits and veggies along with lemonade and then restarting eating solid foods. Such programs are very promising and you should follow it only once in a while.

  • Cabbage Soup diet
  • Want to do a little stricter weight loss diet? Then try to follow the cabbage soup diet. In this diet, you should drink cabbage soup, with limited fruits, vegetables and to boost up the proteins, only lean meat. Your cabbage soup can have green onions, mushrooms, some tomatoes and sprouted beans and some spices.

  • Fasting diet
  • Fasting is another way of completely avoiding intake of calories and takes advantage of the tolerance ability of our body. This diet creates an environment in your body which copes up when you have nothing to eat. It should be followed for 2 days in a week. On such days you must reduce your intake to only 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men. You should not eat anything other than vegetables, seeds, some fruits and legumes. Exercises should be done on a daily basis and there should be no break to exercises on days of having fast.

  • HCG Diet
  • This diet is quite recent and involves restriction of calorie intake as well as taking Human Chorionic Growth (HCG) Hormone Intramuscular injections as well. If you want to follow this diet, then you must restrict your total calorie intake from 500 to 800 calories in a day. Along with this, get yourself injected with HCG injections as well. HCG is also available in drop form. The results are variable and may or may not give much effect to the loss of weight.
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