How to prepare Prawns Fried Rice?


Are you looking for a good recipe to prepare Prawns Fried Rice? Check this recipe to know more about the ingredients required to prepare a tasty, mouth watering and finger licking Prawns Fried Recipe.


Prawns are a sea food delicacy. You get to see Prawns in many sizes, if not shapes. The shape remains largely the same. You can have prawns in tiny baby size to as big as your saucer. And it is really delicious to eat in various preparations when the Prawns are fresh or frozen and just removed. Check this recipe to know how to prepare Prawns Fried rice.

Ingredients required:

  1. 2 glass basmati rice
  2. 1 bowl prawns
  3. 3 eggs
  4. 1 cup olive oil
  5. 1 table spoon salt
  6. 2 table spoon soya sauce
  7. 4 spring onions
  8. 1 teaspoon Citric acid crystals

Preparation method

Take your basmati rice and start cooking it. When the rice is cooked, remove it from the cooking bowl / cooker and spread it in a plate to make it cool down.

How to clean Prawns

Now take your prawns and clean them. Cleaning involves removing its head, removing the legs and tail and then the 2 blood veins. Check out the article at the Ideal Housewife website on how to clean a prawn. They have presented beautiful photographs as well.

After cleaning the prawns, add salt on them. Spread the salt evenly by mixing them with spatulas or with your hands themselves.

Now, in a separate bowl, break open the 3 eggs and mix them properly. After you have mixed it well, keep it aside.
Take your chopping board and cut the spring onions and the long leafs into small pieces.

Start your cooking table and keep the pan on the switched on burner. Heat the pan and then add a little oil on to it. Add to it your egg mixture. Add salt, black pepper. Stir it properly for about a minute or so, and then keep it aside.

Take another pan and keep it on the cooking table and start heating it. Add oil.
Add the prawns to the heating oil in the pan and stir fry it for about 5 minutes. After you have finished stir frying the pra

wns, keep them aside.
Now again add a little oil, heat it and now add the spring onions to the pan. Stir fry the spring onions for five minutes.
After 5 minutes of stir frying the spring onions, it is now time to add and mix everything.

Get a tangy taste by Citric acid

Add the cooked and cooled rice and then keep on stirring for five minutes. Then add the prawns, and then the egg mixture. Then add Soya sauce and the Citric acid crystals. Citric acid crystals are good to give a nice tangy taste to the rice and are yet, very safe and sound to cook the Prawns Fried recipe.

Once you have added everything together, stir, mix and fry everything for five minutes on high flame and then close your pan with a lid and turn down the flame to keep it going for another few minutes.
Your Prawns fried rice is ready!

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