How to place ads on page to get better income?

Earning through writing is now in trend and professionals have their own sites to post and publish their own content. For earning, they place advertisements on the pages and the income is directly proportional to the clicks their Ads get.

Although the type of content or site is similar, the earning varies and the reason behind this place of Ads on pages. So, apart from writing, authors also have to learn about efficient placing of Ads to have better and improved earnings.

Below are some details which may help you for the same.

Points to remember while placing your Ads

    • Please make sure that your ad is clearly visible. Visibility of ads plays a major role in increasing number of clicks. It is obvious that if the ads are hardly visible, how will they get clicked? The main positions where your Ads can be placed are near to your Title and it can be above or below of the same. It can be at the top header or in the sidebar and even at the end of the content where the reader cannot miss it.
    • The size of Ads is another important factor which give impact on the earning you will have on your earning through clicks. This is well known fact that the image which is large will attract faster and the same is applicable with placing Ads.As we add attractive and clear images in our content to get more traffic, we should place larger Ads to get more clicks. If not convinced, you can try this by placing one small size image on one page and large size image of another page. You will observe the difference in number of clicks for sure.

      This is the reason, AdSense is now providing larger size Ads.

    • Color combination is again a tool which can be used effectively for increasing your number of clicks and earning. The color combination of your post/blog and the Ad placed in connection to it should have contrast
      color combination to grab more and more attention from the readers. For example, if your post is having white back ground color the Ads can be placed with bold black or Red color.
    • Lastly, your placed Advertisements on any page must be related to the content of your page or blog. If you have written something about travelling, Ads related to trips, hotels, etc can be an ideal combination for that page.A person who is reading about Yoga will not be interested in ordering Pizza at least for that particular point of time but he or she may like to know about Yoga mat selling shops, Yoga classes, etc.

The above mentioned points have included all the main points in summarized way to have better understanding. While following these points, I also want to emphasize on your writing style, as a reader wants to the point information for whatever he or she is looking for and that too in simple and understandable language for all kind of readers.

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