How to of Wisconsin-Madison University 2015 MD Admissions?

Are you looking for information about how to take admissions into MD Programs at School of Medicine and Public Health at Madison in Wisconsin for the academic year 2015? Then this resource gives complete information about how to go through the admission procedures for MD programs starting for 2015. Read this article to know details about the programme in complete details.

Abount Wisconsin-Madison University MD Program for 2015

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (UWSMPH) is an institute and care center in the US with top ranks in providing medical education, bringing Research opportunities and appropriate facilities and providing medical care for the people of the world. The UWSMPH is the only center which presents as a combined school and this giving its students a “plus” in their education, qualification and also prepares them to not only treat their patients, but also to gear up with tools and knowledge to work with communities and uplift their health status. The main advantages of learning at the UWSMPH is that students get to be a part of a very healthy and progressive learning environment and strong faculty membership. The studetns get good opportunities to work with highly skilled and experienced researchers and enjoy living in the city of Madison high quality of life.
The college offers three different types of MD Programs:

  1. Traditional MD Program
  2. Rural MD Program
  3. MSTP (MD/PhD) program
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The University of Wisconsin provides opportunities to students to undergo TRIUMP program, through which they can earn their Masters in Public Health qualification by gaining entry into the MD/MPH program. Alternatively MD students can opt for the Global Health Institute to learn about International Health. Integrated Medicine can be chosen as a career path by applying for the Path of Distinction in Public Health.

Eligibility criteria for applying to MD program 2015

The candidate should have fulfilled the following criteria to be eligible for admission into MD program.
The candidate should be qualified with a Bachelor’s degree from a univerty / college / institute with accreditation. Candidates should also have knowledge about various suvjects and they should either have done the courses before applying for the Masters program or should complete these courses at the time of completion of the program. The courses are as follows:

  • General Biologu with lab experience
  • Advanced Biology
  • General Chemistry with lab experience : 2 semesters
  • Biochemistry / courses in Fundamentals of biochemistry which includes topics like molecular genetics, structure with activity of proteins and metabolism
  • Physics with lab experience
  • Statistics with knowledge of implementation. This knowledge should be documented and presented to the office of MD admissions for their approval.
  • Mathematics with preference for calculus.
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