Baby with her mother
Baby with her mother

Every mother looks for this answer. How to make your infant sleep? This happens with each and every infant, whether your infant is a boy or a girl, they just do not know how to sleep!

So what happens when a baby wants to sleep?

Your baby as now grows through stages of being an infant, they becomes more and more active as they starts learning different activities and either becomes more and more playful or will become more and more mischievous (:D) and will eventually feel tired and will want to sleep two to three times in 24 hours.

The funny thing is that infants do not know how to sleep! Or it might also be that they want to be supported by someone while they want to sleep. They are still learning about transitioning from being awake with eyes wide open and moving their hands and legs and playing and making sounds, to having their eyes closed and not doing any activity at all. God! you should feel the fun when you wake up your infant in the morning and the smile they quickly wear upon themselves as you wake them up.

It looks like they are tired and thus their tiny brains are lowering down the signals and all chemical matter which makes them feel drowsy and sleepy, but they are still in a confused state about now what to do! How to handle such a situation? And the only “weapon” they have is to cry! They want help and thus they call you (you are probably the infants’ mother or father). Some babies cry in a low voice, some will cry in the loudest possible voice that will leave you wondering the strength of the tiny vocal threads!

So now How to make a infant calm and let him to sleep?

Well, making your infant sleep is a multi-step process and although not difficult, needs to be done in a correct way. So surely this solves your multi million dollar question. But then what is the correct way? Unfortunately, there is no single correct way. Correct ways are individualistic and is completely depending upon how you judge and how the baby feels better.

Sleeping Baby
Sleeping Baby

Some babies will feel better after you stroke them, while some babies will feel better after you hold them firmly and yet some babies will feel better only after you rock them!

But all in all, the first step is to make you baby feel reassured that what they are going through is perfectly normal and you are there for your baby and thus they can be relaxed. When your baby feels relaxed, they come to understand that whatever “weird” is happening to them is perfectly alright and they are not in any danger.

Some parents like to keep their babies in the cradle or crib and then try to make them asleep. While this can work for a few days, but soon enough as your baby understands that you are not near its close ones, it will cry even more and eventually will make your baby cranky. It is thus very much preferable that you sit down on the ground and fold your legs to form a proper lap and place your baby on your lap. Over here you can see there a few things getting involved.

  1. Your baby feels your warmth and thus immediately feels reassured and calmer.
  2. Your baby will get the sense of being closer to you and thus will feel that anything wrong that would happen will be taken care of when it is unable to know what needs to be done.
  3. You will be able to hold the baby or rock the baby or any other movement which will make the bay feel better.

How do I know what makes my baby calm?

Knowing what makes your baby calm is a observing and learning process. Imagine your computer for an example. You know your computer very well in and out. You know which software is being installed in it and where the relevant files would be. You know which antivirus software has been put into it and how it works for your instrument. You also know where you want to keep you videos and where you want to keep your images and important files.

This happens as and how you handle your computer and through everyday use.

Knowing your baby is also a step by step and gradually evolving procedure. So if anyone comes and tells you on the day 1 of your baby’s life that your baby will sleep only after you rock the baby on your lap, it may not be always true and you will eventually find that your baby sleeps by swaying your lap and giving them a see-saw movement. Some babies feel better after you sing a song and rock your legs. Some babies will feel better after you give them a warm sponge.

But once you come to know what helps you can be very well relaxed because you know what makes them feel better.

So start with one experiment and then understand whether it works or not. You could start with placing your hand on the head of the baby and observe whether they feel better. Observe! Understand what it does to your baby. If you see that they are crying less then do not add anything else for the first few days. Let your baby sleep just because you placed your hand on the head of your infant.

Then, observe the hunger pattern of your infant and also be assured that this changes every few weeks. Mother’s breast milk is sufficient for the first few months. Every baby food packet advises to start after your baby completes 6 months of age. But still observing is more important.Whether you are breastfeeding your baby or having them on formula or cow milk, understand his hunger pattern.

Sometimes hunger or being incompletely fed also affects sleep and thus makes the baby start crying and not wanting to sleep even though it seems as if they might be tired.

Would playing a toy help?

Toys are more of a secondary thing to your infant. Babies when being infant do not understand a toy and what a toy

does or how they must play with the toy.

But infants can hear sounds and can see movements. Thus, instead of spending a lot of money on toys, make use of your mouth to make sounds and use your hands to make movements. This will also make your infant feel secured as it sees your hands and your sounds being always with them.

If you still want to buy toys to your bundle of joy, then do get toys which make sounds. Be careful of the whistle blowing sounds as the whistling parts are small and can escape into your child’s mouth  on being sucked and may result into choking.

Into the sleep…

Your infant is in a steep learning curve as every new day brings up new things for them. Obviously, they are going to have a lot of dreams about things they have done through the day and that they have experienced. So, you might see your child getting up all of a sudden or crying all of a sudden in their sleep. Be quick enough to hold them. Say a few soothing words or sing a few rhyming words and they will feel better and the sleeping angel will get on to them!

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