Are you looking forward to chill yourself down after a long hard working day or while simply roaming out in the sun? Would you prefer to have a nice Smoothie from Watermelons? Check out this recipe which we call as Watermelon Wonder Smoothie and get fresh and feel relaxed and re-energized instantaneously.



Everyone likes fruits. The only trouble is how to eat the fruits! Some would find their fingers and hands getting sticky, some fruits would make you messy. Fruits like melons are quite huge and would cover your face even before you take the first bite, not to mention about the uncountable seeds in them. And if you really eat the fruits by heart, your mouth and cheeks will get sticky! A smoothie comes up to your help and to much enjoyment and a feel of satisfaction of having the fruits, and yet not getting filled up with the stickiness, mess!

Ingredients required

  • 2 cups of seedless fresh and red watermelon. If you do not get seedless watermelon, then remove the seeds!. Chop the red watermelon into small pieces
  • 2 cups of skimmed milk.
  • 2 cups of ice cubes – You can leave them if you do not prefer
  • 1 Teaspoon sugar
  • Salt – to taste
Watermelon Smoothie
How to make a cool and red Watermelon Smoothie?

Preparation method

Making a smoothie is not a difficult task. Once you have collected all required things and goodies, your smoothie gets ready in only a few minutes.
So, first, take your blender vessel and put the chopped seedless red watermelon pieces into it.
Add the 2 cups of skimmed fat free milk, then sugar, a pinch of salt and close the

blender, and switch it on. Bring it step by step to the highest rotation speed and keep it blending for at least 15 seconds, so that the watermelon gets very fine and all ingredients get blended into a smooth mix.
Now, open the lid and add the ice cubes and then again blend it for 20 seconds.
Your smoothie is ready.

How to serve the Watermelon smoothie?

Take a long juice glass and pour the prepared smoothie into it.
Now, you could cut a few circular pieces of watermelon and put it on the glass and you could also decorate the glass with a paper umbrella to make it look very appealing.

Now, sit in a chair in the sun or along the beach and slowly sip in and enjoy your smoothie!

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