Wondering how would you get a nice taste of the mangoes without making a mess around yourself? Check this recipe to know about how to make a nice and rich Mango Smoothie.


As sweet as they are, they can get all around you and make you all mango fruity! Well, there are other ways to enjoy Mangoes as lovely as picking a mango and peeling eating the mango with bare hands. Enjoy the same taste of a Mango in a form of a smoothie and may be with even more richness of the fruit itself.

Ingredients required

  • 2 cups of fresh and ripe chopped mango
  • 2 cups of cold milk.
  • Half cup of ice cubes – You can leave them if you do not prefer
  • 1 Teaspoon sugar
Mango Smoothie
How to make a Mango Smoothie?
Image courtesy: Loving it raw

Preparation method

So, once you have collected all of the required things and also have a nice and cleaned blender ready with you, we are now ready to quickly make our smoothie. Unlike the Watermelon Smoothie, you do not need to invest your time in taking out the seeds as there is only one big seed inside the mango fruit. So, this recipe gets ready more quickly than the Watermelon recipe.
So, first, take your blender vessel and put the chopped mango pieces into it.
Add the 2 cups of cold milk, th

en sugar. Close the blender, and switch it on. Bring it step by step to the highest rotation speed and keep it blending for at least 15 seconds, so that the mango gets very fine and all ingredients get blended into a smooth mix.
Now, open the lid and add the ice cubes and then again blend it for 20 seconds.
Your smoothie is ready.

How to serve the Mango smoothie?

Take a long juice glass and put some pieces of Mango at the bottom of the glass. Now pour the prepared smoothie into it.
You could decorate the glass with a paper umbrella to make it look very appealing. Put up a wide straw.

Now, sit in a chair in the sun or along the beach and slowly sip in and enjoy your smoothie!

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