India is a home country for millions of us and our millions of efforts will keep our country clean. In the multi crores of efforts that our country is making, this free tip will help in a long way to keep our country clean and green. Understand your moral responsibility and teach others as well. Time has come when our children understand and know better than us and we must learn from them.

Keeping our country clean and green, is our first moral and civilian responsibility.

How does everyday cleaning help?'>

We already have a big army of cleaners in every nook and corner of the country, who are striving hard to keep us in a better and hygienic environment. It is still a well known fact that the cleaning system of the country is improving.

But even after knowing that the country is making a lot of effort in improving, and if we do not improve and understand our role is not limited to putting rubbish in the home dustbin, but also has to take care of not throwing and littering things in public areas, we will in turn be helping a lot in keeping our surroundings clean.

We praise our countries for the way they are clean, but it is because the people of other countries do not litter along roads and in public areas. Learn from them and grow up yourself.

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