How to grow a Mint Plant from seedlings and cuttings?

Growing plants is a very interesting task. Plants are nothing less than our children and they also need the utmost care so that they grow healthy and the leaves ultimately have a great taste! In this article we will grow a Mint plant. You may take a print of this article and keep it somewhere safe as this will be useful over years.

Things needed to grow a Mint Plant

  1. Mint seedlings
  2. Sharp scissors
  3. A large and mature mint plant
  4. Small pots with holes for draining excess water (about 12 inch deep)
  5. Saucers
  6. Soil for potting the baby plants
  7. Compost
  8. A windowsill like place
  9. Water
  10. Glass
  11. Wooden dowels / sticks

Let us begin! Choosing the proper Mint variety

Mint has many varieties which grow nicely, look nice. Among all varieties, Peppermint is the best variety as it is the brightest of all mint. It also has a very strong flavor and can be used in food and in tea as well.

You may choose the Spearmint variety, but make sure that you get a lot of light and heat and that too throughout the year.

If you have less space then Pineapple mint is the choice of mint as it does not rapidly spread through the whole garden in no time!

Lemon mint will give you nice and refreshing citrus flavored teas and good in iced teas as well. If you prefer a more subtle flavor, then you may think of planting Apple mint.

How to grow a Mint Plant from seedling?

Growing mint from a seed is a very difficult task and is possible only to experienced gardeners. So unless you know exactly what you are doing, it is always advisable to start working from a seedling.

  • Go to a local shop where they keep seedlings or to the local plant nursery or a local farmer
  • Once home, take a tray and fill it with potting soil or compost.
  • Now plant these seedlings in to the soil with a gap in between each seedling.

These seedlings will slowly grow into a mature plant.

How to grow a seedling from a mature plant?

While the procedure to grow a new mint plant from a mature plant cutting is simple, it needs a lot of care, so that the plant grows nicely.

Step 1 – Taking a cutting from a mature plant

Some of the ways that you can get a good quality Mint are as follows:

  • From your friend’s Mint plant (you are plant a mint plant because you do not have one 🙂
  • from the fresh food section of your local supermarket
  • from your local garden

The cutting should be a at least 1 centimeter about the junction in the stem.

Step 2 – Growing the cuttings

Take a clear glass of water. If you think that you might be fussy about growing the plant in a plastic glass.
Keep the mint plant cutting in the glass and keep it them in a warm and sunny place. This will help the sprigs to grow new roots. The roots will be white in colour, when they would first appear. Make sure that you top up the water so that the newly growing roots are always immersed in the water.
Let the white roots grow a few inches long into the glass. They can even grow up to the bottom of the glass.

Step 3 – Transfering the mint cutting with the white roots to a pot

Now the time has come that the mint plant now gets more space to grow and spread.
Take a pot which could be a earthen one or even a plastic one. It should be atleast 1 feet wide, so that the plant gets a ot of space to spread.
Make sure you have enough holes in the base for excess water to drain away.
Now put a few small stones at the holes and then start adding the potting soil into it. Potting soild is typically very fine and is rich in compost and humus. Fill one-third of the pot with the potting soil and compost.

Now with your two fingers, make a hole into the soil and then carefully pace your mint plant into the hole. If the root is longer, then carefully curl the root in the hole.
Then slowly and gently, fill up the hole with soil, just enought to make the mint plant stand on its own.

Step 4 – Keeping the plant in the sun

The plant show be kept in such a way that sin light comes in to the pot and the plant is not directly exposed to the sunlight. Prefer to keep the plant in a windowsill or a patio rather than being in the garden.
Push several dowels around the plant to give it good support.

Step 5 – Keeping the soil very moist

Mint plants need a lot of water to grow. Make sure that you water the plant whenever it get

s dry. Remember to water your mint plant multiple times in a day during hot summer weather.

Step 6 – Using the mint leaves

Over the months, your pot will be filled with mint leaves. Once it is full and is growing well, you may start cutting the leaves and use them in your preparations.
Do not cut more than a third of the leaves, otherwise the plant will not get enough nutrition.
Also, do not allow your plant to have flowers (one or two buds are okay, so that you get to see Mint flowers!). Once your mint plant starts flowering, then the leaves do not get enough nutrition to grow well.

Once your pot gets filled up, then divide the soil with the plant into four parts and into new 1/3rd filled pots.

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