Working in Canada is a dream for many citizens of other countries around the world. Canada is a country of migrants and presents with high living standards. This article presents as a complete reference about how you can apply and work in Canada, including the complete Visa application procedure.

How to work in Canada

Given the vastness of Canada, the need of skilled people to contribute into the progress of the country is huge and thus every year there is a huge chunk of skilled labour required to be influxed into the country.

So how does it go through?

Every Non-Canadian citizen who wishes to work in Canada are termed as Temporary workers. Temporary workers need to have a Work permit so that they can work legally in Canada. However, there are certain Job profiles for which a work permit is not required. The official website of Canadian Government maintains a list of job categories for which you do not need a Work permit.

Also, be sure to check the Ineligible employees list on the ESDC website to find out if you are not applying for any of these enlisted.




Canada Jobs that do not need a Work Permit

  • Athletes and Coaches: Sportsperson, coaches and related teamsNo Permit Required for following categories in Canada who come to Canada for purpose of competition.
  • Investigators of aviation and incident accidents: Accredited people come under the Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act and thus do not require a Work permit.
  • Business visitors who take part in related activities and are not a part of the Canadian Labour market.
  • Civil aviation inspectors: These personnel are inspectors who check flight operations and cabin safety of international flights operated by commercial airlines.
  • Clergy: People from ordained ministries or from religious order who preach doctrines, worship and give spiritual counselling do not require a work permit.
  • Convention organizers: These are people who organise international meetings and conventions. These are different from the hands on working people in such events. Organizers do not require work permits.
  • Crew members: Crew members are team members in a airline or a shipping company who drive foreign owned and registered vehicles for the purpose of operations of the airline or ship for cargo and passenger movements.
  • Emergency Service providers: Skilled workers who are in Canada for the purpose of helping in emergency situations like natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, major industrial accidents do not need to have any work permits for the said purpose.
  • Examiners and Evaluators: These people are professors and academic experts who can evaluate and supervise projects, research proposals and may be working on university level theses. They may also work for Canadian research groups or schools.
  • Expert witnesses and/or investigators: People who are summoned to give evidence before a regulatory body, tribunal or a court of law and if be called from outside Canada do not require to have a Work Permit.
  • Family members of foreign representatives: These should be accredited by the Global Affairs Canada through a counterfoil on their passport. If not then a immigration officer would get the process initiated for them. If you fall in this category, then you should also have a NOC by GAC to work in Canada.
  • Government officers of foreign countries do not need a Work permit. If you are a government official then you should have a formal letter mentioning your status and also your time of stay if it would be more than 3 months.
  • Foreign representatives other than Foreign government officers and are Diplomats and official representatives do not require Work permit.
  • Health care students coming to Canada for the purpose of training, clinical clerkships (internships), would be in Canada for less than 4 months and have a letter of approval from their university do not need a work permit.
  • International amatuer competitors, judges, referees coming for music and dance festivals, animal shows, agricultural contests do not need Work permits.
  • Military personnel having movement orders permitting to enter Canada under the Visiting Forces Act do not require Work Permit.
  • News reporters of film and media crews who will be working for their crew or news reporting
    company, managers and clerical staff for an event shorter than 6 months do not require Work Permit.
  • Performing artists and their core support staff who would not be involved in making a movie, television or radio broadcast in Canada do not require Work Permit.
  • Public speakers who would be staying less than 5 days in Canada do not require Work Permit.
  • International students during their education time span may be eligible to work on campus and off campus and do not require a Work Permit.



Once you are have gone through the ineligible employees list and the Job categories which do not require a Work permit, and find that your job category is not listed above, you can be sure that it means you do require to apply for a Work permit.
Your next step should be whether you need a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

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