How to get best Air Fryer for your Kitchen?

This article gives guides and tips to decide about how to buy new air fryer which have been recently launched in the Indian Markets.

Past few decades has seen an upsurge in the gadgets for the kitchen. Cooking is no more the same old style and there are many new ways and methods by which things can be get done in a faster, cheaper, economical and healthier manner. Air fryers are the newest among them.

Consider why you would need to buy an air fryer

It is very important to actually judge upon your need an Air Fryer. Some of the top reasons to buy Air Fryer could be:

  1. You simply loved “Air Technology” and now you want it in your kitchen
  2. Your friends and relatives are already having it and thus you also want it at home
  3. Other people are asking you about why have you not bought it yet!
  4. You want to show off the latest gadgets you have.
  5. You are genuinely interested in using the gadget.

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Popular brands of Air Fryers in India

Among all of the brands of Air Fryers in India, the following are the ones to read upon and decide which you would like to buy.

Bajaj Air Fryer

Bajaj have a Air Fryer model and have called them Bajaj AFX7. They have also given a 2 year warranty for the same. It has a capacity of 2 liters with a fry basket giving a partition. The Air fryer has a dual fan technology system with a Turbo Thermal Flow System. Temperature can be adjusted with a control button. Timing can be adjusted from Zero to maximum of 60 minutes.

Havells Air Fryer

Havells have launched their brand of Air Fryer named as Prolife Air Fryer. They have also given a 2 year warranty for the same. Prolife Airfryer operates on 1230 watts, has a 2 liter capacity for the food basket and 4 liter capacity for the pan.

Oster Air Fryer

Oster is a product manufactured by a US based company – Sunbeam products. They have launched an Air Fryer by the name Halo Air Fryer. It can be used to fry, roast, bake and Saute with less or no oil at all. It operates on 1100 watts.
The Halo / Oster Air Fryer has a inbuilt halogen element which does the heating of the food. It also has a seen through Clear glass cover. Timing is up to 90 minutes with sound alert and auto shut off feature. It also has a LCD colour display to indicate. There is a Automatic Thermostat Control Feature, unique rotating bowl and a paddle. There is also a roasting rack which helps to raise the food being roasted. By this way, the fats and oils released from the food get drained downwards. The unit weights about 6 kg.

Kenstar Oxy Fryer

The unit by

Kenstar is a sleek fryer with a cord of 1.2 meters for power supply. It has a 1 year warranty and also a Transit Insurance Cover. The product also comes with a Oxy Fryer App to download recipes to cook food in the Air Fryer. This fryer weighs 4.9 Kg and operates on 1500 watts. It has 3 Liter capacity, LED indicators for heat and power, 30 minute timer. Fanning happens at super quick speeds and an air vent prevents odors from being let out into the kitchen. Auto power feature, pre-set timings and temperature knob in between 80 degrees and 200 degrees are some of the features of this product.

Philips Air Fryer

Philips was the first company to launch the Air Fryer in the markets.
They have a good quality Air Fryer with features that pulled the market towards their product and could gain good profits of the same. The model is named HD9220/53 and is named as a low fat fryer and functions as a roaster, grilling and baking as well. They do not claim the product to be for complete oil free cooking but do mention that only little oil is required to cook the food. The air fryer has a anti slip base which ensures that the air fryer does not slip away. The unbit has a 0.8 meter power cord. Other technical features like auto shut off, adjustable thermostat are given into the air fryer.

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