How to fly in an aeroplane?

In the world of today, many of you have relatives and people living at far away places, may be in the same country, if your country is quite big or may be in other countries, you are living in small countries or countries which are islands. So, if you are looking for complete information about how to travel in an aeroplane, then this article is for you.Essentially written through my experience, I have tried to mention the important points of traveling to far off places in an Aeroplane.

The necessity of Aeroplanes

Global acceptance of education and experience these days (well, let us say, since last few decades), has opened the doors for people to look for opportunities at other places, other countries, especially because of the currency differences and the profits one can make. While this has been the main requirement to travel among the working age group people, people also travel for business purposes and for visiting family and relatives staying in other

Quick travelling to far off places

countries or at least in distant places in the same country. The less amount of time that is required to commute, the lesser feeling of tiredness, even to the extent that when you reach the airport, you can immediately get freshened, dressed up and ready to be a part of the global, VIP official meeting that you may be facing for the day. So, there are in-numerous advantages of traveling in an aeroplane, if you can afford it. Well, the question of affordability changes as you look for long distance travel. If you travelling just over 500 or 1000 kilometers, then the comparative costs will be higher. If you are not worried with the time required, then you can opt for other mode of transport available. But when it comes to traveling to other countries, then flying by a Aeroplane is the best choice and many a times the only choice available.

So what are the first steps to travel by an Aeroplane?

When it comes to traveling by an aeroplane, there come in several things first. The first outlook will be on where you are traveling in your own country or whether you are traveling to another country.
If you are traveling in your own country, then there is not much needed to do even before buying a ticket. But if you are traveling to other countries, here is an initial check list, even before you start checking the prices of the tickets:

Checklist before flying to other countries

  1. Do you have a passport? If not, then forget everything else, first initiate the procedure of applying for your passport. Depending on your country, you may require 3 weeks to 3 months to get a passport.
  2. If you are having a passport, then check whether your Passport is valid for atleast 6 months before you return back to your home country. If not, then forget everything and first initiate your Passport renewal procedure. Again, depending on your country, Passport Renewal may take a time span

    Step by Step steps to prepare to flying

    from 3 days to 3 months.

  3. Now check for Visa requirements for the country that you are visiting. For some countries, you require to apply from before. For some other countries, you may require accommodation proof (Hotel staying proof, local relatives proof). For some others you will require financial proof and show money. And while for some countries the requirements are very less. Visa on arrival is common in many developing and underdeveloped countries.
  4. Once, you have sorted out your Visa, then you should start looking for your tickets

How to book a ticket to fly in an aeroplane

Flying in an aeroplane involves booking a ticket with the aeroplane flying company. Examples of Aeroplane companies are Singapore Airlines, British airways, Air Asia, US Airways, Srilankan Airlines, Emirates, Air Seychelles, Etihad Airways, Jet airways, Air India, etc. to name a few.

Booking a ticket

You can either book your ticket either directly with the Airplane company or through an travel agent. Some companies have their own ticket booking and payment channels, while some companies depend on travel agents for getting their bookings done. You should be always on a look out about where to buy your ticket. You can get various offers either with the company itself or you may get offers at the travel agent as well. These offers can be obtained either at the company office or at the travel agent’s office or on websites. Some offers are also called as Coupon codes which can be found out on couponcode websites.

Selecting the best ticket seller

Travel agent websites have become quite popular since recent days. Unless these provision may not be available in your country, bookings for air plane tickets can be done online itself. Even your favorite travel agent has their own website which you can confirm by asking them. Ticket charges and fees for bookings can be accepted online by payment channels like Visa cards, Master Cards. In that sense, Credit cards are more acceptable than Debit cards. Some travel agent and official websites also support Internet banking, but Internet banking support is still in its infancy and has yet to be developed as on the date of writing this article.

The ticket

Once you have completed the process of buying the ticket and making the payment which gets successfully transacted, you will be presented with a ticket on your screen. You can either directly print the ticket or you may request the ticket to be sent to your email inbox. Some websites automatically deliver the ticket to your email inbox. While some other websites allow you to sign up an account with them (either by registering on their websites or by linking with social websites like Facebook). A copy of your ticket will be always stored on the website and is available for download at any point of time.

How to pack your luggage?

Check with your airline company, about how much weight is allowed to be carried with you. Luggage is carried in 2 manners in an aeroplane. You are allowed to keep some luggage with you. Such a luggage is known as “cabin luggage”. Airline companies allow only 5 to 7 kilos of luggage to be kept as cabin luggage. This can include your laptop,

Try to be as light weight as you can in Cabin Luggage

your purse (in case of women) and one hand bag, weighing to a maximum of 7 kilos. The rest of your luggage is kept in the Main luggage area of the plane. Some airline companies allow 20 kilos, some allow 30 while some may allow 40 kilos of luggage in the main luggage area. This can be bags of large size, or small bags but multiple number of bags can be taken. So think which items you would want to have with yourself and the rest can go in the bags for main luggage area.

Going to the airport

On the day of flying to your destination, you should start early from your home / office. Domestic flights demand that you be at the airport 90 minutes before your flight. International flights demand you to be at the airport 3 hours before the actual flight. If you stay far away from the airport, then make sure that you travel comfortably and be in the area where the airport is located, at least 4 to 5 hours before the actual flight. Such areas are

Start early and reach comfortably

typically crowded and you might get get to reach the airport because of the traffic. If your airport is connected by train, then you should always prefer to travel by train. In this way, you would be sure of the reaching times at the airport. I know, it can be boring to simply wait for long hours at the airport, but then it is always better to be before time than to be running by the clock’s minute and seconds hand.

How to clear the procedures at the airport?

Taking a trolley

Once you reach the airport, take a trolley and keep your bags on it. Trolleys are easy to carry all your load and they have brakes as well. So when you press the handle, the trolley moves in the direction you want to move and when you release the handle, the Brakes get applied so they do not move at all. Very helpful feature to stop your bags falling away if your airport has slopes.

Entering the departure gates

Every airport typically as gates through which you can enter into the airport from the airport arrival area. Depending on how busy the airport may be, the gates can vary from 2 to 20. SOme airports are not very busy and you can directly approach the Boarding pass counters. When you have gates, you will see security men who are trained to check your Passport and your tickets. They will check your Passport for validity, whether it is valid for at least

Passport should be atleast 6 months valid

6 months until your arrival and other details. The security will also check for information about your Visa or whether you are traveling to the other country on Work Permit and or whether your Visa is on Arrival. In such a case, you would be having a appropriate document about Visa on arrival. Sometimes they are well informed and you may not require any document to be produced. They will then check your ticket. Once everything is verified, you will be asked to proceed further.

Collecting Boarding Pass at the Boarding conters

Once you enter the Security gates at the airport, you can then move forward and search for counters which have overhead displays. Normally, they display your Air flight company logo, the code of your flight and other relevant details. You might also see other display units telling you about where your counter would be. This is present especially when the airport would be huge and complex. Again, for the same flight there can be 2 to 3 different counters. You have to enter into the specific counter which depends on the type of class you are flying: Business, First and Economy. These are the most common classes while traveling, but some air crafts may have other classes as

Go to your correct counter for quicker service

well. At the same counter, you can submit your baggage which should go into the main luggage area of your aircraft. Try to give most of your luggage into the main luggage area and then keep only one or two hand luggage with you. They will ask for your ticket and verify your passport. Here they will also assign you seats in the plane. If you prefer, you can ask them to give you a window seat so that you can get a view of the outside.

Security Check

Once you have cleared the Boarding counter and now have the Boarding passes in hand, you should now move on to the Security check. Sometimes the Security check may be just adjacent to the boarding counters. Here they may ask you

Quick tips for clearing the Security Check

to keep your laptop, purses, keys, cell phones, belt to be passed through the XRay machine. And you will be then checked by the security guard. There could also be a lady guard to check women on to their clothes. Women are checked in closed areas so as to respect privacy issues. After you are completely checked, you will be then get a stamp on your boarding pass and then you may proceed further to Boarding gates.

Boarding the Aeroplane

At the Boarding gates, you will either enter directly into your Aeroplane through a Aerobridge or you may have to walk a short distance and then climb up the stairs to get into your aeroplane. Sometimes if the plane is far away, you

will then get a bus transfer from the boarding gates to the Aeroplane and then get into the plane by stairs. At the gates, your boarding pass will be scanned on a barcode scanner and then you will be given the short piece of the boarding pass. At some places they may keep any part of the pass but they will simply scan the boarding pass and give you the whole pass back. Keep it as you will need it at your destination security check. Now climb up in to the plane and find your seat and have a sit! Leave the rest in His hands and in the hands of the pilot and the rest crew.

At your destination or transit airport

If you have to travel at a different destination but have to land at a distinct airport, you may face two situations. You will either have to stay in your plane and then continue your journey. Such a transit is called as Stopover. If you have to change your plane, then it is called as transit. For a transit you have to enter the airport and simply go to your terminal where your next plane will be leaving from. When your next plane will be starting for take off, you will then be able to continue with your journey.

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