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Are you looking for information about how to properly fit in your ear headphones and listen to great music? Check this resource to know the correct way to get ear headphones fit properly.

Ear headphones have becomes a necessity for today. Whether you are a daily traveller, or a sole soul, exercising, walking, concentrating or just listening to great music, headphones help you to stay calm and cool without having the big ear speakers on your head and ears and at the same time not disturbing others of your “favourite” music.

So, let us say you got the best “WYZ” ear headphones, and thus you are going to experience great music. Not really! If the ear phones are not fitting comfortably in your ears, you may not be able ot enjoy the music and it can become a dead investment. If the headphones become too loose or too tight then you are going to have the fun and infact, feel them funny!

So go through our tips to understand some work arounds and some tips to get the best results of ear headphones.

Types of ear headphones

Thanks to the inventor of earphones and the advent of smartphones and other mobile phones and pocket radio, the need of ear headphones is going to be everlasting. So, ear headphones are available in various shapes and sizes, designs and materials.
The material can be plastic, soft plastic, Foam, Silicon tips. Ear phones with foam and silicon tips are much better. While foam tip is soft to the ear, silicon tips tend to blend with the shape of the ear canal and thus provide a much better experience.
Ear headphones which enter into the ear canal and stay over there. They are thus able to cancel all other sounds that can disturb or reduce the sound of music.

I take up another advantage of the Silicon ear headphones for my Samsung Smartphone. Even If I am travelling and even when I am not listening to music, I would still plugin the ear headphones. This helped me to “not hear” to any outsider sounds. This made my travelling a lot smoother and comfortable!

Again, check out with different ear headphones and get a feel of what is really good for your ears. And then go on to select a particular ear headphone.

Keeping the ear headphone plug firmly into your ear

Ear headphones if loose, will not give you the best quality of sound. Sometimes, simply pushing the ear phones is not enough.

[notification type=”alert-info” close=”true” ]Tip : Pull your outer ear upwards and sidewards to ease the tip of the headphone into the ear. When the headphones are correctly in place, you will feel a drop in the other sounds around you. If someone wants to speak with you, you are able to listen less and you tend to speak louder.[/notification]

How to secure the tip of the headphones?

So with our dealings with ear headphones, securing them helps a lot when you are doing some activity at the same time. This can become tricky and can become a mess if not done properly.

  1. Loop the cables from the back side of your head and bring them around the top of the ear. Then turn them to put around into your ear canals. This will give the dangling wires a particular path, where they can stay.
  2. Use the earphones the other way round. So if a headphone is marked L, then use it on the right side and use the R on the left side. The angle that you get with doing so helps to secure the phon
  3. There are some Headphones which are made especially to reverse as mentioned above.
  4. Make use of stabilizers. Stabilizers are small plastic projections which fit into the fold of our external ear. These help to stabilize the headphones so that they do not make the squeaky sounds upon moving.
  5. Some earphones have clips and flanges. Making proper use of them helps to stabilize the earphones and give you a proper and pleasing sounds

Thus there are many ways to stabilize the ear headphones and get the best noise cancelling headphone effect.

When not to use ear headphones?

Please check when to use and when not to headphones according to the locality you live in. For example, Seychelles can allow if you drive in the US, you may be allowed ear headphones as you get to be Hands Free, while India does not allow a=any kind of ear headphones or hands free kit while driving. So check with your country rules to know more about whether toy use ear headphones and ear speakers while driving.

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