How to exfoliate your skin?

Did you ever wonder how to get a nice glowing skin and to avoid getting the dull flakiness that slowly creeps in and you do not know what to do? Check this article to know more about how to exfoliate your Skin in an inexpensive way and still look good, glowing and shining.
How to exfoliate your Skin?
How to exfoliate your Skin?

Finally, you have decided that you must do something for your skin. I really appreciate your decision and that is why you are probably over here, reading this article. Well, you might be surprised to know (or may be you must be already aware!) that, it doesn’t need to be the so costly scrub or cream to actually make your skin glow exfoliating helps your skin to let go of dead skin cells which helps remove the dull flaky appearance.

Types of scrubbers

There are basically two types of scrubbers. Whatever be the different types that may be available in the market, they are either:

  • Physical scrubs
  • Chemical Scrubs

Why the need of scrubs?

When you use soaps and other cleansers, they do surely help to clear your skin. You can feel fresh and clean after having a bath using soaps, but soaps do not have the ability to exfoliate. Exfoliation is just like any other cleaning action but is a little more tough so that it removes the dead cells as well which may not be normally removed by soaps. In such situations scrubs come to help. Some soaps are made as srubbing soaps and they do the function of both as a cleanser and a scrub. More over, your body skin, which is roughly around 2 square meters of surface area, sheds around 30000 to 40000 cells every minute and forms new cells. These dead cells do get shed off and removed but the procedure is slow and frequently requires assistance. If they do not get removed, then along with the dead cells, dirt and debris

Physical or Chemical scrubs – which are good?

Both of the types of scrubs work in the same way, while chemical scrubs may be even more efficient. The disadvantage of using a Chemical scrub is that it can leave your skin more dry and prone to infections. Chemical scrubs cause a “burning” and “corroding” effect in their action and thus can be harmful in the long run.

How to scrub?

To have a proper scrub done, you should follow the following procedure to get the best results.

  1. Take 2 to 3 liters of water and heat it to make it warm. It should not be hot. Depending on the quantity of water you take, the heating time may vary from 1 to 5 minutes. Once the water becomes warm, switch off the heating and check the water with your fingers. If the water has become more hot, then you may add some cold water to adjust it. After adjusting the water, take a smooth towel or some cotton, dip it in the water, then squeeze out the extra dripping water, hold it for a second and then dampen your face. Now take your scrub and apply it with gentle circular rubs. If your scrub is
    present as a separate dry component, then you may require it to be mixed with a lotion or with soap. The combination should later and will gradually start working with the dead layers of the skin and make them loose enough to get quickly wiped off. Your skin will start feeling different and the dullness will change into a fresher and lighter feel and look. Now when you are done with the scrubbing, you can now again use your towel to wipe out the scrub mixture. You may need to use a fresh towel or cotton for 2 to 3 times so that srub mixture gets completely removed from your skin.

What after scrubbing?

After you have done the scrubbing process, your skin will look a lot more glowing, fair and with a lot of confidence. At the same time it is being exposed to the climate and thus needs to be taken care of. Thus, the next part that you would need to be done is the moisturizing part and can be done with as basic as a Oil with Rose water mixture! Mix equal parts of oil and Rose water and apply on your skin. Give it a gentle massage, again in circular motions and then either leave it that way or you may use a tissue paper to wipe out any extra oil appearance on the skin.

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