How to create a link in HTML

This small article will show you the correct way about how to create a link in HTML.
What are links basically?
Links and linking is a way to connect from one web page to another web page which has a relation or a reference to the current web page. This also tell the reader that there is some more text related to the current one and if they want to read the other text, then this is the way by which they can access the information.

So how do links work in HTML?
Links are created using a simple code and they require some text to which the link can be attached to. The Link tag has a opening tag and a closing tag. Thus the Link HTML tags are presented in the following manner:

mat = '300x250'; google_ad_type = 'text_image'; google_ad_channel ='AdSense Default'; google_color_border = 'B0C9EB'; google_color_link = '164675'; google_color_bg = 'FFFFFF'; google_color_text = '333333'; google_color_url = '2666F5'; google_ui_features = 'rc:6'; //-->

<a href=””>This is a link to this blog</a>

Thus the link is looks as is shown below.

This is a link to this blog.

Thus you can give links in an article as a separate section, or you can present links in the text as well. The best way in which links work or look best are when they are given in a paragraph. Links can be attached to a single word or can also be attached to a phrase of words.

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