How to cook quickly a mini Biryani for Bachelors?

Are you a bachelor (A unmarried boy / girl) or a person who is currently living alone and lazy to cook a scrumptious lunch and still hungry? Check this recipe to make a nutritious, healthy mini chicken biryani without any oil and without any hassles and satisfy your hunger!

All of us (I would say this with utmost confidence!) have gone through this phase. We are alone at home and there is no one to cook food for us. So am I during these days. And today, was a situation when the cafe was closed, I forgot to get some food at the Take-Away and I have all raw vegetables and uncooked Chicken Franks at home. So, I do not have cooked food and I cannot eat raw food! I really love a Biryani, and I have already experienced the hassles in making a Two Layered Chicken Leg Biryani and I did not want to go through the whole procedure. So I decided to try a quick preparation. So I made a Chicken Biryani with Franks and believe me, it just took 15 minutes to get it done. And even more to that, when I started cooking the rice, I had no idea what I was going to make of the rice. Or maybe I would just eat plain with lentil soup (oh no!). But my fridge saved me with the Chicken Franks and Frozen beans that I had. Read further to know how?

Appliances required

  1. Chopping board – preferably wooden
  2. Stainless steel knife
  3. A vessel to cook rice
  4. A Wok or just another vessel – to boil beans and Chicken Franks
  5. A deep curved Spatula
  6. Bowls – 1 or 2
  7. Spoons and Plates

Ingredients required

This recipe is mentioned keeping in mind that you are alone at home – so, only for 1 person. If you want to invite your friend(s), then just multiply the quantity in the number of people coming to enjoy your Bachelor Biryani.

  1. Chicken Franks – 2
  2. Rice – 2 hand measures
  3. Curry powder / Indian Biryani Masala
  4. Salt
  5. Frozen Beans – you may take a few and cut them into 1 inch pieces. Sometimes you can also get cut ones.

Step 1 – Half Cook the rice

Take the two hand measures of raw rice in a vessel and wash and throwing the water for 2 times. At the third time fill water until your Index finger can get half dipped in the water. Now put the vessel on your Gas Cooking Table or electric heater (whatever you have – even a coal fire or a wood fire would do) and start heating the rice. When

you see that the water has evaporated half of its quantity (may be 10 minutes or so), switch off your heater.

Step 2 – Boil your Beans and Chicken Franks

This can be done on the other Gas Burner at the same time. If you have only one burner or only 1 electric heater, then do it one at a time. Okay, so take your wok (or any other vessel) fill it half with water, put your beans and the Chicken franks in the water and start the burner/heater to boil the water. This should take 3 to 5 minutes. After the water is boiled enough, switch off the heating.

Step 3 – Mix and heat and finish!

Take the boiled Chicken franks and cut them into small 1 centimeter round pieces. Put the beans and Franks into your half cooked rice. Add salt – 1 teaspoon, Curry powder / Biryani masala – 1 teaspoon, mix with your spatula and start heating the mixture. When you see that the water is almost evaporating, cover your vessel with a lid. When the water is completely evaporated, switch off the heating, take out your mini biryani on a plate and eat! Check the taste, if you feel that whether salt is less or more. If you feel that the salt is less, then you may add a pinch or 2, mix and taste. If you feel that your mini biryani has become salty, then put some lemon juice and mix again to balance the salt. Thats it. Enjoy your delicious Bachelor’s mini Biryani.

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