This article describes about how to check the results and rank list of the MG University Centralized Allotment process for June 2014? This results are published on 14th June 2014 and can be checked at
The First allotment in CAP 2014 will be performed and published on June 16 2014.

First allotment list of MG University Kerala is published

The first allotment list has been published. The errors that were present in the first allotment of the Mahatma Gandhi University Centralised Admission process have also been corrected and finalised. Candidates will have to now login to their accounts on the official website and download the Challan and allotment memo. If the candidate requires any further assistance, then they should call the office of the University at 0481-6060014, 6065004, 2732282 or send an email to The office of the University is open from 10.00 am to 4 pm only on working days.

Important dates for CAP admissions at MG University Kerala for 2014 – 15

  1. Publication of Trial Allotment – 14.06.2014
  2. First allotment – 16.06.2014
  3. Remittance of fee at SBT 16.06.2014 – 20.06.2014
  4. Reporting for admission in Colleges 16.06.2014 – 21.06.2014
  5. Second allotment – 28.06.2014
  6. Reporting for admission in colleges 30.06.2014 – 03.07.2014
  7. Commencement of classes – 09.07.2014
  8. Closing of Admission – 31.07.2014

Official website to check MG University online allotment process result and ranklist

The official website to check the MG University online allotment result and ranklist is over here:

Seat structure in MG University, Kerala

The Mahatma Gandhi University has a total of 21,000 seats (Twenty One Thousand seats) and there are positive chances that the seats can increase in 2014 – 15 academic year.

  • 100% of seats in Governemnt colleges will be filled through the CAP.
  • 70% of seats in aided colleges will be filled through CAP
  • 50% of seats in unaided / private colleges will be filled through CAP

Seat availability for some courses in MG UNiversity, Kerala

Following is the structure of availability of some of the seats in MG University, Kerala:

  • Science Courses – 6000 seats.
  • B.Sc. Maths has 1570 seats
  • B.Sc. Botany has a total of 975 seats
  • BBA has 497 seats
  • 1,354 seats in B.Sc. Chemistry
  • 545 seats for BCA
  • B.A Politics – 180 seats
  • 1,348 seats in B.Sc Physics
  • There are 1,574 seats in B. Sc. Maths
  • 6,278 seats alloted in B. Com
  • B.A. Economics – 1,941
  • B.A. English has been alloted 2,102 seats
  • and B.Sc. Zoology has a total of 999 seats

Information about MG University in Kerala

The Mahatma Gandhi University, popularly known as MG University is one of the most popular universities in Kerala, to conduct different graduation and post graduation courses which are government recognised.
The university conducted a Single Window System Centralized Allotment Process for the admissions of their UG degree admissions for the academic year of 2014 – 2015.

Advantages of the online Centralized Admission Process at MG University

The CAP system has been a model which many universities are applying for their admission processes. This system involves investing in some servers, a good online hosting, a good domain, a proper software program to handle the process and a few system administrators. With only this much requirements, a university can handle a huge process of admission that can be carried all over India or even all around the world. This way the university does not require thousands of staff and it saves human error and investment of money and also saves a lot of time. At the same time, the procedure is very user friedly and even a simple person with little or no knowledge of internet and online procedures, can do it with ease!
At the MG University online CAP, a candidate can apply for their desired course and desired college in a single window.
There is no other way of getting admissions in the University.

Current schedule of MG University Kerala, CAP Admission process

The current schedule of the MG University online CAP is on time and the trial allotment of the CAP 2014 will be announced on the 14th of June 2014. Students will be able to check their seats in the trial allotment. Now if they want to modify their allotment or their college or the course, they can do so in this time span.
Remember, the trial allotment is not a final allotment and such allotment in the final schedule may change according to various circumstances.

There will be a total of 4 rounds of allotment.

  1. Trial CAP
  2. First CAP
  3. Second CAP
  4. Third CAP

All allotments will work on the basis of forms being filled up by the candidates which they are allowed to apply only once. Candidates applying for more than one time will be rejected and barred from applying for the Centralized Allotment process for 2014.

The three parts of Admission allotment procedure

Candidates should take care that all requisite information is filled up after the CAP 2014 allotment results. This is very much required to complete the degree admission procedures, or otherwise you may not be selected for the f

urther process.
Depending on the trial allotment process, there will be three parts inthe CAP rank listing. The first list will be showing your details regarding your identity photograph, your full name and your date of birth.
The second section will help you to get the names of the colleges and institutes that you have applied for and you have been allotted and the sure list that a candidate can get admission into. The third list is a chance list, showing the institutes that a student can probably get a chance to get admission into.

Documents required to be submitted during the interview process

This step is required only for those candidates whi get alloted a seat in the MG University admission and then who have to face the interview process.

  1. Print out of rank list/rank card
  2. Mark list and original certificate of eligibility examination
  3. Character and conduct certificate
  4. Nativity certificate(If required)
  5. Income certificate
  6. Plus two or equivalent certificate
  7. Documents to prove weightage