Want to know what is Bastille day in France and how to celebrate this day? Check this article to know more about Bastille Day.

Bastille Day is one of the days of celebrations in French culture. Public events on a large scale are being held on this day and people celebrate together with communal get togethers, meals. Since recent years, fireworks and parties have been organised to commemorate this day.

Bastille Day is an English term for this event. It happens on the 14th July of every year.

It is also known as La fête nationale in French language, Nationalfeiertag in German language or Nasjonaldag (Bastille-dagen) in Norwegian language.

Bastille Day celebration in France
Bastille Day celebration in France Courtesy: Flickr

Being a National holiday, most of the public service business are closed on this day. Thus you may not find services by post offices, banks and public service offices.

While restaurants and cafes’ may be closed, people love bakery and thus the same are open for people to buy cakes and celebrate for this day. Airports, Railway services, highways are open for this day. Although be aware for road transport as the same in villages and remote areas may be closed for parades

and public events.

History of Bastille day

This event dates back to the 1700s during the Bourbon monarchy, which was known to be a harsh rule over the people. Bastille was the name of a prison in Paris in those days.

Being tired of the harsh rule, and as a cumulative effect, on 14th July, 1789, troops stormed into the Bastille as a revolt. This revolt began the French Revolution. By next year, 14th July 1790, the constitutional monarchy was established in France.

30th June, 1878 was the day of establishment of Republic of France and 14th July 1879, was the day of official celebrations.

The then politician, Benjamin Raspail, in 1880, put up the proposal of having 14th July as a holiday. Accordingly a law was enacted and 14th July, 1880 onwards, this day was officially observed as Bastille day.

Ways to celebrate and events to observe on Bastille Day, July the 14th

  • One can watch the large Military parade held in Paris every year
  • Military and civilian parades
  • Musical performances
  • Communal meals
  • Dances
  • Balls
  • Spectacular fireworks displays
  • Military air shows are a spectacular watch as well
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