How to add or remove a retreat package in a booking on IntelliSpa?

Are you looking for information about how to create a package booking on IntelliSpa? Want to have a complete pictorial guidance to know how to create a Retreat package? Check this step by step article to know more about IntelliSpa over here.

IntelliSpa software is a retreat, hotel and spas booking software which can used in multiple manners to create a booking.

How to add a retreat package to  booking?

  1. Select a package

    1. Click on booking in menu.
    2. Then put in the guest name in the top bar and hit Enter.
    3. Now click on package on the left side menu.
    4. Browse through the folders to choose the desired package. This can be done through the Index menu. If the item list is long, then you can go through Search menu.
    5. Either double click on the package or click and drag the same
  2. The package will now be seen in the booking window which can later be scheduled into the guest itinerary.
  3. The value of the treatment might be required to be adjusted, which depends again through what your system administrator would have set. If you are having the permissions to adjust the prepaid value, the same amount may have to be entered into the Prepaid Value column.

How to remove a retreat package to  booking?

  1. Go to bookings tab and enter the guest name in the search bar.
  2. Click on the package to be remove and click on remove package.

This is how one can work on IntelliSpa to add or remove the packages. Packages are a easy way to add treatments as it saves time and increases efficiency of the overall system.

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