Homoeopathic Approach for Cancer of Cervix

  1. Homoeopathic Approach for Cancer of Cervix

Homoeopathy is a holistic science and when studying the relation in between the treatment cause of Homoeopathy and Cancer of Cervix, we must study the Philosophical, Psychological, and Clinical, Symptomatic evolution of the Miasmology in knowing how the susceptibility and disease process progresses towards Cancer and in our discussions, towards Cancer of Cervix.

No disease forms directly as a Cancer but is a stage of change in the Human being; not only the human body but the mind, the soul, the immunity, the energy levels and the Vital force, goes through reversible changes on account of tolerability, the extreme of which when sought to leads to the next change on all the dimensions of the human being – the irreversible changes. From here, the evolution of the cells, the mind, the vital force and others change in such a way that they cannot be brought back; at least from the Modern Medicine point of View.

Pathology and Medicine defines the stage of irreversible changes to be the ultimatum or the beginning of Cancer, beyond which, Man cannot be cured of any alteration. Pathology and Medicine define that the changes will be permanent and cannot be reversed back to normal and will stay in “Status Quo” or will undergo further pathological changes, unless favorable.

Modern Medicine does research and try new methods to extent the limits of irreversible changes in the body, Surgery tries to remove the part which is rendered useless to the normal functioning of the body or which can be harmful tumors or be

nign or malignant cancers, but Surgery remains of use till no metastasis has occurred.

Surgery cannot go on removing all parts of the body and thus has a role but which is limited.

Homoeopathic Medicines apply the law of Similars and the other Fundamental and Cardinal Principles which stand erect since the discovery of them by Father of Homoeopathy, Dr. C.F.S. Hahnemann and those laws can be applied in nearly every form of disease and thus also in Cancers. The knowledge of Miasms becomes a true guiding light when it comes to dealing with more severe and Advanced Pathological Cases like Cancer of Cervix.

Under the next heading, we will discuss the literature over Philosophical, Psychological, Pathological, Clinic and Symptomatic Evolution of the Miasms from in a Normal Woman to the Woman suffering from Cancer of Cervix.

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