Genes are responsible for every action of the body and mind

The relationship of genetics with cancer-genesis and its treatment with homoeopathy

3.1. Genes are responsible for every action of the body and mind

Every action and reaction perceived and performed by us has a genetic cause behind it. Every cell has its own nucleus which has chromatin material formed of the DNA helix and other nucleic acids like the RNA and its subtypes. It depends on the various kinds of stimulus a body may receive which can be broadly classified into external factors and internal factors.

External factors are those which affect the human being from outside. The internal factors are those which are secreted (or excreted) in response to the external factors.

All of the factors that act by influencing the various biochemical mechanisms in the cell or in the body are enlisted below:

  1. Physical agents: mechanical trauma, extremes of temperature, sudden changes in atmospheric pressure, radiation, electric shock.
  2. Chemical agents including drugs: certain toxic compounds, therapeutic drugs, etc
  3. Biologic agents: viruses, bacteria, fungi, higher forms of parasites.
  4. Oxygen lack: loss of blood supply, depletion of the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, poisoning of the oxidative enzymes.
  5. Genetic disorders: congenital, molecular.
  6. Immunologic reactions: anaphylaxis, autoimmune disease.
  7. Nutritional imbalances: deficiencies, excesses.
  8. Endocrine imbalances: hormonal deficiencies, excesses.
  9. Mental state and mental diseases: anger, sadness, happiness, excitement, grief, fight, flight, mood disorders, criminality, hatred, love, sexuality, celibacy, disappointment etc.


When we receive a stimulus, whether an external stimulus or an internal stimulus it reaches the cells and activate the cell receptors for the specific stimulus. Now this stimulus travels to the nucleus via the endothelial reticulum and other pathways and stimulates the receptors on the nuclear membrane which traverses forward to the chromosomes and ultimately to the DNA helix. Due to the stimulation the responsible DNA encodes by DNA replication on the specific peptides by conformation, which refers to the spatial relationship of every atom in a molecule.

Interconversion between conformers occurs without covalent bond rupture, with retention of configuration, and typically via rotation about single bonds. Also helix-loop-helix motifs provide the oligonucleotide-binding portion of dna-binding proteins such as repressors and transcription factors.

This helps us in understanding that by repressor and transcription properties, the dna transfers the requisite response to the stimulus via RNA which transfers the code to the cytoplasm of the cells, the organelles of which produce the requisite proteins/amino acids (proteomics is the advanced branch of genetics which explains that every genetic action results in the specific protein formation) which further stimulate the cells to carry out the further action according to the released transcription.

The above discussion as a reply to the stimulus received from the external and internal factors on the genetic level, although in brief, describes the genetics or the genotype of the particular person to the particular stimulus at the particular time and space.

On the basis of the genotype formed by the genes (autonomously on in control of higher centers like brain and its feedback mechanism

), protein secretion takes place. Now this protein secretion can be in the form of enzymes, hormones, juices or any other secretion of the body. These secretions activate the further organ systems and also the nervous system (in terms of electric impulse transport) which ultimately infers in action of the end organ.

Similarly, the mind thoughts also stimulate the genes which result in further processing at the motor and pre-motor areas and other respective areas of the brain which result in further mental thought train like depression, happiness, fear, fight, fight, excitement and many of the mind expressions.

These physical and mental expressions which result from the genotype or the genetic expression are known as the phenotype comprising in totality of the expressions at the mind level and expressions at the physical level.

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